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Yamada yu oguri shun dating

Oguri is not the kind of idiot to have an affair with someone else's wife who has a child""If both were single then it would just become publicity but if it is an affair it will interfere with the movie promotions. Ok, let's be honest, I didn't like their shotgun marriage and wasn't sure they would last for long, but as for me they proved it may work.

It just like Okada and Miyasaki's movie's failed publicity stunt""If they divorce it seems possible that Akanishi can get remarried in America to some beautiful blonde lol."It seems as if the two of them just drank together but, Kuroki and Shun have had many more rumors and they both have a uninhibited feel, so it wouldn't been strange if something did happen this time. And if they managed to give each other some space, that's even better. that Oguri who last year hasn't worked very much, front of the cameras, he was not involved in any scandal, but this year, that he has a lot of business (and so much more visibility), comes out of this story which will help to sell many newspapers -_-'This seems like a bad operation of marketing... It's not even funny how the 'Akanishi/Meisa couple being in love' story has suddenly changed to 'Akanishi/Meisa cheating on each other', and so damn quickly.

On that night past 11 o' clock, Oguri enjoyed karaoke with a fellow actor and friend in a personal room below ground.

A reporter from Shukan Josei actually ambushed Yu outside the couple’s apartment to ask her about being pregnant.

In the personal room of the pub, the two who came to be photographed together did not leave the room even past 4 AM. Although he was drunk, just like that, Oguri walked to his home were Yamada was waiting.

The apartment that Meisa returned to was pitch black.

Incidentally, in the same magazine, when Kuroki's friend was asked about Akanishi, they replied "Ooooh, they haven't met in a week so I don't know. Another possibility is that Oguri's wife, Yamada had a fight about Kuroki who Oguri seems a little too friendly with from before. Maybe what hurts those "reporters" the most is that they are modern couple and they freaking survived. Perhaps if there's actual evidence, it may be understandable to accuse someone like that, but this isn't 'maybe their in a relationship' anymore.

However, with Lupin coming, it would be better if this turned out to be nothing...source EDIT−The pictures are not included in the source article and I can't find them online. So few weeks ago we've had an article about Jin and Meisa's wedding reception, where they were reported as very loving couple and now there's "an affair"? They are all young and want to meet people, I'm pretty sure everything is under control. This is 'maybe a woman is cheating on her husband and daughter', and it can be seriously problematic for the people involved.


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