Xmobar updating

(See mod-q doesn't work section below.) People using 'startx' can use these example xinitrc and run-xmonad scripts. When logging in, select the entry that says "xsession" or "default session" from the menu in order to use your ~/.xsession to start xmonad.Alternatively, if you want a menu entry specifically for xmonad, create a file named "xmonad.desktop" in your /usr/share/xsessions (location varies by distribution) directory. XMonad is a minimal window manager, meaning it doesn't set a background, start a status bar, display a splash screen or play a soothing sound effect when it starts up.Once xmonad has started, the only thing it does is listen for your first command.The simplest way is to create or modify your ~/.xsession file to run xmonad.If you don't already have a .xsession, the minimal example looks like: This requires that the ghc and the xmonad executable (or a symlink to them) are in a directory in the display manager $PATH environment.Update If Unmodified /etc/ /var/ /root/ /.cshrc /.profile# When upgrading to a new Free BSD release, files which match Merge Changes # will have any local changes merged into the version from the new release.

Once the xterm appears, use it to read xmonad's man page or point a web browser at

This utility supports binary security and errata updates to Free BSD, without the need to manually compile and install the patch or a new kernel.

Binary updates are available for all architectures and releases currently supported by the security team.

A failed or ignored merge will cause the process to abort.

Users may wish to make a backup of The system is not being altered yet as all patching and merging is happening in another directory.


  1. XMobar is dying due to a problem in my Xmonad config. just shows updating for a. since the latter will spawn brand new copies of xmobar every time.

  2. Update x11/hs-xmobar to 0.24.3 PR. This entails updating the lang/gcc port as well as changing the default in Mk/bsd. Part II.

  3. For some reason, my xmonad config won't launch xmobar, but it doesn't throw any errors, and the command xmobar launches it fine. Here is my import XMonad.

  4. Any changes made by the user will prevent the automatic updating of these files. There is another option. # freebsd-update fetch # freebsd-update install.

  5. Xmobar is a lightweight, text-based, status bar written in Haskell. It was originally designed to be used together with Xmonad, but it is also usable with any other.

  6. With my bashdzen2 config updating every 3 seconds. Is such a thing possible, or on a TODO list somewhere? I haven't tried xmobar myself.

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