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Wwe sheamus who is he dating

One of those was Dublin native Sheamus, dubbed The Celtic Warrior, who was in London ahead of the live WWE event at the O2 Arena last Friday to meet his British supporters. (Photo by Frank Micelotta/Getty Images) A HOST of worldwide wrestling legends descend on venues across Britain and Ireland for an 11-day tour this month, bringing the sport to new generations of fans.Here are the full match results from the Staples Center in Los Angeles: - Kickoff match – Elias def.

However, WWE put a lot into what is usually as just another pay-per-view on the calendar, mentioning that it had a “big-fight feel” or that it felt like Wrestle Mania had come early on multiple occasions.That something was Strowman being the destructive force he is capable of being.Surprisingly, the match was mostly confined to the ring, which I did not expect from these two behemoths.I know some fans were angry that it only took one F5 to defeat Strowman, which I could understand given that Strowman is a monster, but I also think we have been conditioned to believe that one finishing move isn’t enough to beat anyone. There is a reason why a finishing maneuver is a called a finisher, it signals the end of the match.But we see far too often — even in another match on this card — where wrestlers are kicking out of finishers at multiples times during a match. If Lesnar is the beast we all know he is, one F5 should beat almost anybody.On one end, WWE did its job as a promotion — it promoted its event.It did such a good job that I was personally very excited to see what it had in store Sunday night.Sheamus & Cesaro - WWE Raw Women’s championship – Alexa Bliss def.Bayley, Nia Jax, Sasha Banks & Emma - Roman Reigns def.There were two big talking points coming out of this match. Fans groaned on social media about Reigns taking four attitude adjustments, but only needing one spear to pin Cena’s shoulders to the mat for a count of three. Reigns speared Cena off one announcer table and through another.Firstly, Cena hit four attitude adjustments and was still unable to defeat Reigns. Granted, Reigns looked like he got the worst of that move by spiking his head into the ground, but it still counted as a spear.


  1. Latino legend Eddie Guerrero won the WWE Championship in 2004, before he died of a heart attack a year later leaving the wrestling world without one of its finest stars.

  2. WWE Raw round-up Roman Reigns becomes Intercontinental Champion and Paige makes her return. GRAND SLAM.

  3. The WWE 2K17 release date of 11 October is fast approaching – and it promises to pack in a host of your wrestling favourites, past and faces this year.

  4. Hogan's last appearance for WWE was at WrestleMania 31, where he reformed the nWo with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall to assist Sting in his match against Triple H at the.

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