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There, the dark-haired actor fell to the ground and went into seizures. Phoenix’s girlfriend, Mathis, was futilely banging her head against the wall; Joaquin kept insisting everything was fine.

They were young, they were scared, and they didn’t know what to do.

Earlier this month, the Oscar winner, 44, told Entertainment Tonight that he hopes that the siblings are the first brothers to win Golden Globes and Academy Awards.

"He's doing great, and handling it really well," Ben told ET of Casey's recent accolades.

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His parents, Heart (Arlyn) and John, joined the Children of God cult when River was a toddler.On those nights, Depp had reduced the Viper Room to its essence: a party room for him and his celebrity pals,” Edwards reports.Phoenix toted his guitar to the club that night, but his buddy Flea, of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, told him that all the space on the stage was taken, with Depp leading a roster of performers. Casey Affleck thanked his estranged wife, Summer Phoenix, while accepting the Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama, on Sunday, January 8. Affleck, 41, and Phoenix, 38, announced their split after 10 years of marriage in March 2016.The exes are parents of sons Indiana, 12, and Atticus, 8.The routine was prayers, and then to bed for “sexual exploration” — including children as young as 3.In an interview, Phoenix told Details magazine he was 4 when he first “made love.” The encounter was with “kids.” “But I’ve blocked it out,” he said. But at least to some people’s minds, the family perpetuated the sexual weirdness.First, they headed in the hills for a party where Leonardo Di Caprio, dressed in costume as Johnny Hollywood, “a generic hipster actor,” spotted River in the crowd.Then 18, Di Caprio idolized Phoenix, whose industry cred had only risen when he played a street hustler in “My Own Private Idaho.” Di Caprio couldn’t get close enough to talk to Phoenix, but he did get a good look at his face.The Kenneth Lonergan-directed film centers on a janitor named Lee Chandler (Affleck) who is asked to be the caretaker of his teenage nephew when the boy's father dies.Affleck was joined by his big brother, Ben Affleck, at the big event on Sunday.


  1. Oct 31, 2016. It happened pre-Internet, but it seemed like we all heard the news before the story went to press on October 31st, 1993, 23-year-old River Phoenix died on a Sunset Strip sidewalk outside The Viper Room. We heard that he convulsed for over five minutes, that his sister Rain tried mouth-to-mouth and threw.

  2. Jan 9, 2017. Manchester by the Sea's Casey Affleck gave a shout-out to his estranged wife, Summer Phoenix, while accepting an award at the 2017 Golden Globes — watch the video.

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