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What to do for a 4 year dating anniversary

I am sure that your celebration will be as good as ever. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with celebrating an anniversary with dinner or flowers, but wouldn’t you like to do something a little more creative?But, if you do stuff like this on a daily basis, then good for you!Well, a lot of people ask this question and I am honestly surprised every time they do so. Feelings generally are somewhat sacred, and they simply cannot be faked. If you behave reserved on the everyday basis, well, today is the time to express whatever is precious to you. Go for compliments, share stories about how you two first met, express some fears and desires – be sincere.So, how to turn this romantic date into something exquisite and special? How to avoid “golden wedding” solemnity but still keep it intimate, romantic, and splendid? I would suggest you four possible destinations, from easy to advanced: a) on a budget If you want to leave great impressions so she will remember this day forever but don’t possess the amount of acquired money – no worries – you don’t have to break your piggy bank.

If you live together for a long time, you must know practically everything about each other.If you can call yourself mature busy people who know what they want from life, then you can think of something nice and luxurious, like a watch, a suit, a dress, or jewelry. If you can call yourself nerds, then you know like no other which game he wanted for Christmas.Be his Santa right now and impress him with a custom pack that comes with a book or merchandise. You can go practical and gift high-quality headphones, gadgets, and a lot of other good stuff that will come in handy.Remark: never buy things for home like a set of candles or curtains, frying pans and drills.It is too everyday-basic and will be the reminder of the routine that you want to exclude for the sake of this special day.There are small pleasant things that you can do on the anniversary.You can make a breakfast in the morning because it is intimate and just shows your affection to each other.Coming to the conclusion, I want to ask you a simple thing. Depending on this question, you will further guide yourself and spend this beautiful day with a beautiful person.In order to be less dramatic, here are the basic rules to spend your anniversary successfully: 1) always listen to your significant other; 2) decide on the place beforehand; 3) think about the gift taking into account his/her preferences; 4) prepare a breakfast; 5) be sincere and attentive.It is fun to possess precious knowledge about his or her favorite color, flowers, PC game, and, of course, biggest pet peeves.You can agree that celebration is all about details, and the longer you live together, the more attention you have to pay to each other’s interests.


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