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And in the center of the dark mystical cavern, lay a crooked pedastal, holding what appeared to be a golden statue of a muffin. ” He yelled, his voice echoing in the void to noone.

Ivanka went to the meeting thinking she might act as a kind of referee between the Republicans clamoring to de-fund Planned Parenthood and the organization itself.He repeated this process with his other gouged eye.Van Pelt furrowed his grey eyebrows over his infuriated eyes, he was covered in blood, he wouldn’t have minded if it hadn’t been his blood. w/ Black Bear Combo Thursday, February 11, 2010, pm - pm Martyrs 3855 N. You know how we like to tell Ivanka Trump, the best first daughter with the mostest who can’t seem to convince her father to do shit, to go fuck herself? There’s a long profile of Jared ‘n’ Ivanka Kushner-Trump in the new , and it’s mostly about “Complain! ” and “Please give us your sympathy, as we did not ask for Popsy to become King of America, and now our old friends don’t talk to us and we have the vapors and we are going to die.” It’s very interesting if you are into that sort of thing!After a few miles of smashing into various things Terrigan the Mad’s train exploded out from the middle of the street in front of the building.He wheezed through his teeth, again and again as he parked on the room, and went over to the door stepping through and stumbled slowly down the stairs “Eye....its”Terry held the statue which at this point had lost all the gold protecting it revealing a shiny yellow jewel, which looked supsiciouly like a Yellow Chaos Emerald. Hollywood,a land covered in fires and liars There surrounded in blood(His own I might add) was Van Pelt, his gaping eyeless sockets presented for all to see, his face contorted into an expression of absolute agony, the body of the hunter spasmed,once,twice and three times,his innards repairing themselves,his left hand shot up as in electrocuted, followed by his right as he smashed them into the ground forcing himself to his feet,pale white phillanges forming like cancerous growths out of his ruined hand dripping with rotting marrow, followed by muscle, then skin.She's really got a great voice and it's superb for dance music when remixed this well.All in all another top notch track, which keeps a great balance between dancefloor friendly yet keeping those great vocals intact. Username: Name: Headless Harry Sex (if any):assigned a Male name, though Genderless, speaks with a loud series of boops and beeps Height (you can approximate):6 and a half feet Weight (you can approximate):2 ½ tons Description/Picture: Universe: Fallout Abilities: Spray flames out his fire nozzle, and delivering crippling and fatal blows with his ax attachment, can also charge and ram into opponents causing melee damage, as well as sometimes crushing them, Harry Has a tendency to try to pick things up and put them where is head would go, basic intelligence able to tell threats, as well as perform tasks simple, if heavily damaged has two robot repair kits on himself that can be administered Bio: The being designated “Headless Harry” was cobbled together from spare parts of destroyed robots of the Commonwealth, whether the constructor did not have enough scrap to make a head,or merely chose not to give one is up to debate, altogether Double H’s job was simple follow his creator and haul scrap, while occasionally beating lifeless and burning his opponents(And on more than one case act as a shield)Headless Harry fearlessly went up against packs of Feral Ghouls,gangs of raiders, and even much more powerful sentry bots, armed with a ax on his right arm and a flamer on his left, he’s more than enough to face the Common Wealth, even without a head...Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Link:no Deep within the subterranean tunnels and crevices that made up the spaces below and in the Earth’s crust, aided by a spotlight-esque head light strapped to the top of the engine, Terrigan Steeds searched for his quarry.


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