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Valentine day dating game

For example, what is your favorite thing to do when alone?

You will need sticker paper and a marker for this game.Have the women go into a separate room from the men and blindfold both the men and women. Hand a box of chocolates to one of the guests in the circle and have them begin passing it around.The blindfolded will count to twenty and say “Be My Valentine.” Whoever is holding the box of chocolates has to kiss the blindfolded one, (on the cheek or the hand, whatever they prefer).The guest with the most stickers at the end of the party loses and is crowned cupid.Pick out several lines from love songs and write them down on sheets of paper.So, Help them to choose their boyfriends and give the suitable makeup and outfits for this Valentin’s Day! We have fun, prizes, and history being made 🙂 Live band JELLYBEAN to follow. If you want to be a contestant, pm Connie or show up by at doors and mention you want to be a contestant.No matter your age, parties and fun are always appealing.So why not make this Valentine’s Day one for the books.Now they have ten minutes to come up with a love poem using those words.Once completed, they are to read it aloud and trust me this makes for great entertainment. There is no talking or anything to hint at who is who. Pick one person to be blindfolded and have everyone else gather around them in a circle.


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