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I love this verse so I think its message is perfect inspiration in our new entry .

We made the most of the little part of the hall outside the kitchen door with a farmhouse chalkboard, memo board and mail holder.

But, it would have also probably been the death of us trying to run a farm.

As much as I loved that idea, it was a more sensible choice for us to move to the city instead.

In the meantime, I’m relying on subtle and simple farmhouse-inspired influences in our decor and architecture as a practical way to live the white farmhouse dream.

Way back when we first bought our house, I gathered some specific inspiration for what I wanted our small hallway entry to feel like.

:) When you first enter our home at the front door (through what will soon be a Dutch door, of course), you are in this small hallway.

There convenient locations are filled with savings waiting for Tri-State customers.The hallway is basically in the shape of a T, so you come in the door and walk down a hallway towards the dining room or can go left to the master or right toward the kitchen. This is the part of the hall that is right outside of our kitchen.I wasn’t sure at first what we would do with the built-in, but I’m glad we left it as it was, because it’s now a feature we really love!The kitchen door is to your right in this photo, the basement door is on your left, the basket built-in is behind you to your left, and my son’s room is a few feet directly behind you, for those of you trying to figure out where this is.Also, the door to the right in this photo will be removed and replaced with an archway in the coming weeks.We painted the mirror (from Ikea) with Annie Sloan Paris Grey Chalk Paint. While it’s still a little hallway, it now feels fresher and more inspiring thanks in large part to a coat of white paint (Swan White by Glidden) to contrast with the slate floors and the (four total) adorable farmhouse-inspired flush mount lights from Barn Light Electric (a long time sponsor of The Inspired Room).We still intend to put up some painted paneling at some point, I’m sure we will get around to that eventually.We never liked the sliding doors but rather than hiring a cabinet maker to fix or change them out at this point, we simply removed the doors and added baskets. But wow, what a difference that simple change made.It makes the hallway feel bigger and definitely more charming.No matter which room in the house needs updating, their expansive selection is ready to update every home.For every home on a renovation budget, Grandview is fully stocked to compete with even the largest chain home improvement store.


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