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Keeping your computer and software up to date is very important in keeping everything running smooth and secure.It’s also important to keep your geeky gadgets updated as well. Now plug your Zune into your computer with the included USB connection cable and give it a moment to be recognized. Make sure not to disconnect the Zune while the update takes place.A range of softwares and hardware was published under the Zune brand.Zune was created by Microsoft and included media players for Smartphones and Tablet PCs, digital media players for desktop computers, a subscription service and a media player that was made available for the Xbox 360 gaming console.Zune was first rolled out in November 2006 but in October of 2011 all Zune hardware devices were discontinued and just a year later Microsoft announced that the Zune software would also be discontinued.Microsoft Zune works with the Windows Operating System across all Microsoft and Windows platforms.

The first time you plug in your Windows Phone into a PC, it prompts you to install the Zune software. Next Zune software will check for available updates. Some updates will require your phone to be restarted. Then you’re brought to the Zune software Phone overview screen. You don’t need to plug your phone in all the time just to check for updates.Reinstalling Zune firmware is easy to do and you do not have to pay for the firmware.Select your operation system and click "Download" under "Download Software Only." This link will download the latest version of Zune software that you will need to install to your computer. Launch the Zune software once you have the Zune connected to the computer.There were four generations of the Zune software and many updates and fixes were released throughout the life of the software. Zune works with a number of different formats across a range of media types. Now connect your PC to the Internet, and proceed with the update process as required. Scroll down to About, and see the Software version as Windows Phone 7.5.I am still in the process of relishing my Mango, but I can assure that the phone is much more responsive and has a lot of new features stuffed into it!I will also take steps to protect my new Zune from suffering the same dusty fate.Benjamin Hunting is a freelance writer who enjoys reading, writing, and keeping the shiny side up during track days. He is available for your freelance writing projects.Fortunately, Microsoft is willing to replace the unit free of charge because of this dust, and they sent me a packing label so that I could drop it off at the local UPS store, which I did on Monday. It took approximately 10 days for the label to arrive from the date that I made the phone call, so I am wary of the amount of time the actual replacement process is going to take.I will keep updating as to the speediness and quality of Microsoft’s customer service regarding this issue.


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