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Updating firmware on macbook pro

After updating, the build version for OS X 10.6.7 on these systems will be 10J4035, which can be checked by going to the "About This Mac" option in the Apple menu and clicking on the "Version 10.6.7" text in the center of the window.

i Mac EFI Update 1.6 (6.1MB) This update addresses similar Thunderbolt issues on the i Mac that are addressed on the Mac Book Pro systems, though it appears this update does not implement any changes to the graphics system.

Provide an administrator username and password, if you receive a prompt requesting the information.

Click the "More" button next to any OS X Update package in the Update section and read the update description to see if any OS X Update packages contain the latest firmware.

The full list of changes in this update are: As always, be sure to back up your systems before applying these updates, and for the EFI updates, be sure to follow the onscreen instructions.

The EFI updates will download to your system and require a restart, where you will see a gray progress bar while the update is being applied.

After updating, the Boot ROM on your i Mac will be IM121.0047. Keep in mind that this update requires that you initially install the software fix for these i Mac systems, so if you apply these patches, manually be sure to install that first.

Mac OS X 10.6.7 Update for early 2011 i Mac 1.0 (382.56MB) This software update for the new i Mac systems is more than just a patch for a few drivers, and includes fixes for Mobile Me services, Networking protocol handling, and some system applications in addition to the graphics fixes.

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Select the "Hardware" option in the sidebar and note the information in the "Model Identifier" and "Boot ROM Version" section.The software updates (non-EFI) will just require a single restart and will not show a progress bar when being applied.So I put an X25 in place of my Superdrive in my new i7 i Mac.Select the "Update" button next to any options that contain firmware updates.Alternatively, click the "Update All" button to update all available software.The Boot ROM Version information refers to the EFI firmware version.Check the Available Firmware Updates table on the Apple Support website (link in Resources) to determine if you need a newer version of the EFI firmware.If you are unsure whether your Mac's firmware is current, you can check the version number.If it is out of date and an update is not available in the Mac App Store Updates section, you can downloaded and install the current version manually.Updates to the firmware can also add additional features to your computer and improve the reliability of your hardware.Apple provides new software and updates, including updates to the firmware, through the App Store.


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