Updating curtains

With so many shapes and sizes available, you can easily match your style.

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I love any excuse to go to IKEA, and it was cool to be able to show customers how their products can be updated to incorporate some of the latest home decor trends.

Get ready to make a statement with your windows this year!

Creating a sustainable home has been the movement in home design for the last few years.

This is a trend that will carry on for years to come, as many homeowner see the valuable ROI.

Changing out your curtains and drapes is an easy way to update your look for the new year.


  1. Apr 15, 2014. Add candles. - Roll out an inexpensive rug IKEA and HomeGoods are your best bet. - Bring in a bouquet. - Rearrange your furniture. - Cover up an old sofa with a nice throw. - Paint a coffee table. - Change your curtains. - Hang curtains higher to create the illusion of a higher ceiling. - Paint a feature wall.

  2. Updating your home can be a huge undertaking and cost a lot of money, but it doesn't have to be! For under $100, simple updates like a coat of paint, cabinet.

  3. Dec 14, 2011. The next step up would be full-length curtains, which she said have a more traditional look but also offer opportunities for visual tricks that can significantly improve a room's appearance. For instance, “You can create artificial symmetry if you have a window that's a little bit off-center,” Ms. Kemble said.

  4. Aug 27, 2012. Inexpensive sheer curtain panels from Ikea add an airy feel and privacy from neighbors to this suburban screened porch at 11 Magnolia Lane.

  5. Oct 1, 2011. Because I was dealing with a bay window, I couldn't hang regular drapes over the door without addressing the windows that flank it. I had to consider the bay as a whole and I ended up placing two panels of curtains flanking the bay itself. I was able to hang them about a foot above the actual window which.

  6. Aug 9, 2015. Curtains are coming along! Check out my working template and meet my mom who came down for a visit when she heard I'd be working on my first sewing project!

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