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Updating contact pictures on android

My old phone completely died so I have lost all contacts. If you have duplicate contacts in Address book, this app will detect them and delete them.

I have tried to follow the above to sync Facebook contacts with i Phone, but have no 'contacts on' settings or similar. As its name suggest, Face Sync is mainly used to sync Facebook contacts with i Phone.

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It is the quite simple application which allows you to get back the photos of profiles of your Whats App contacts and you can use them as the photo of the profile on your smartphone without doing any kind of task.Uber Sync is the simple and minimal app and it will allow you want to sync all your contacts from Facebook, Whatsapp, and more but it will only sync users that also use this app or if they manually authorized this app to read it’s profile. Hi, I'm new to the i Phone and have the i Phone 5C. What's more, you can backup contacts and restore them at any time right from your i Phone.Isn’t it great when someone sees the contact display picture on incoming and outgoing calls? It’s easy to identify the person as well as you enjoy to have a sense of whom you are talking to in your mind, someone from their picture than their names.Having all of your contacts on one smartphone is a remarkable thing, Now in the next update, the giant social networking platform has introduced the exotic feature.In their next update, the giant social networking platform”Whatsapp” has introduced the exotic feature of Whatsapp Video Calling which is creating the huge demand in the market.Do you know that you can now use Whats App Profile Photos and assign them to your Phone Contacts? Ever since Facebook Acquired Whatsapp, the messaging giant is continuing rolling out new features every day and then.Recently, Whats App Video Calling Feature is rolled out in latest Whats App beta version. How to Create Whats App Backup of Chats Using Google Drive Now, let’s move on to our topic to save Whats App contacts profile photos to the phone contacts?So if your like me and need certain features, I'd just stump up the cash for some real hosting, its pretty cheap to be honest, about £6 per month with 3GB storage and everything exchange has to offer.When I synced my Facebook account with my LG Spectrum, I was able to view the profile picture of all facebook contacts.


  1. This is a discussion on Updating Contact Pictures within the Droid X Help forums. how to update contact pictures on android. updating contact photos droid x.

  2. I have linked contact pictures of my HTC Aria Android phone with that of FB. I am facing an issue like the contact pictures are not automatically

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