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Updating bios in windows 2016

I have my enable TPM / Import REPSET file steps before my Update BIOS steps in my task sequence.

This is to ensure that the devices BIOS settings are always configured with a password before my BIOS update step runs.

Today, I’m upgrading my Gaming PC with a motherboard BIOS update.

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I’ve built quite a few PCs, HTPCs and home servers using ASUS boards and have found them to offer a great blend of performance and quality.I’m generally not one for recommending that anyone rushed to update their motherboard BIOS unless they’re experiencing instability – while my gaming rig has mostly been running well, I had a couple of unplanned resets that I’m hoping this latest update will squash.Many ASUS motherboards offer a feature called BIOS Flashback.) I’m current running version 1402, from January 2016.I did try the last revision, 1504, on the motherboard a few weeks back, but found that my PC refused to boot with it on board.Once the USB drive is connected, power down the PC.On the rear I/O Shield, you should notice a BIOS button with two arrows in a circle. Don’t get this button confused with the button above it, with a single, circular arrow – this clears the BIOS settings!They’re not the cheapest around, but there’s certainly a wide range of choice to suit most budgets.For me, a big reason for choosing ASUS motherboards over competitors is their ease of use – they’re packed with features that make building a PC simple and those features continue when it’s time to upgrade.In the event that a BIOS upgrade goes wrong or, for some reason, your PC simply fails to enter the UEFI BIOS for an unknown reason, you can still upgrade the BIOS (or revert to an older, proven release) to recover the PC. Find the support page for your motherboard, head to the BIOS section and download the release.At the time of writing, the latest BIOS release for my motherboard is version 1601, dated April 1st 2016 (no April Fools gags, please!


  1. This is a firmware security technology and requires a UEFI BIOS. The advantages of SecureBoot are covered in this schematic. Essentially its a firmware protection feature when SecureBoot only Microsoft verified code is allowed to boot which means Windows 10 loads alongside its inbuilt security processes before any.

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