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He acted in several plays and transformed into a horror movie-obsessed geek.He also realized that while he still loved the gag-writing portion of cartooning, he wasn’t enjoying the drawing portion anymore. To expand the scope of his writing, he cranked out a pair of 25-page comedy plays, called, which had gobs of cool stuff but suffered from the structural weakness of adding a new subplot every two pages.(And while this sounds like an exaggeration for delightful comedic effect, in reality it’s probably an understatement.) Two of these screenplays made the rounds in Hollywood and were soundly rejected, though occasionally somebody would say that they were kinda funny out of pity, intoxication, or a frontal lobotomy.Then, his senior year of college, Jeff got his first agent, to market a thriller called . Did this agent not only make Jeff print out the script copies himself, but buy a copy of Hollywood Literary Marketplace and actually PICK the places where it was going to be sent, then address/apply postage to the envelopes himself? Did any producers offer this agent huge piles of money to purchase the script? (Actually, it appears that only one of them ever bothered to respond.) His innocence lost forever, Jeff graduated and went back to Alaska for a year, where he finished his first novel (and abandoned eighteen others, one of which hit 70,000 words before termination).During this time Jeff also discovered the Internet!Well, not the REAL Internet, but the online service GEnie, where he got to interact with actual writers, namely, members of the Horror Writers Association.A big-time video game fanatic, Jeff began to create video game ideas of his own and send them to Bally Midway Manufacturing Company, who distributed Pac-Man.

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Though not many people found themselves chortling and/or guffawing, this story was meant to be humorous, as evidenced by villain names like Crasher, Crusher, and Creeper.He did complete a comedic fantasy novel which stole the title from his play , but not a whole heck of a lot else. However, shortly after he’d moved down south, he flew to Atlanta for the 1995 World Horror Convention.There he met Janice Hansen, who he vaguely “knew” from GEnie.He cranked out another comedy screenplay that sucked quite badly, then wrote a horror script called that he finally decided was good enough to submit to an actual producer! And he decided that the script wasn’t really good enough to submit after all!During his remaining college years he completed five more screenplays, but he also started his unholy tradition of abandoning about eighteen projects for every one that he completed.Jeff continued writing and drawing throughout junior high, though his only other published piece was a funny poem that appeared on a Pizza Hut placemats.But despite several trips to Pizza Hut, Jeff and his family were never actually able to see one of these placemats, and their sorrow continues to this day.They did not consult him in the matter, though they generously let him tag along.Jeff was reading by the age of three, and very early on discovered an amazing talent for drawing.During his time in Ohio, Jeff wrote a young adult thriller and submitted it to a very, very small press publisher. 5, 1994, he received his first of many “we love this but can’t use it” rejections.This time, however, it was simply because the publisher had already used up their manuscript acquisition budget.


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