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In contrast, the FBI’s Supplementary Homicide Reports (SHR) include details on the perpetrator and weapon but are more likely to be missing records because the FBI relies on police departments to voluntarily submit their homicide data on an annual basis.

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“We want to change that culture.” Fliers posted around campus encouraged people that planned on attending ahead of time to wear the color red to support survivors.

The number of Americans injured with firearms dwarfs the number who are killed, although data to measure non-fatal shootings are less reliable.

The CDC’s National Electronic Injury Surveillance System estimates the number of annual non-fatal firearm injuries based on reports from a sample of hospital emergency departments: over the last five years, there were more than 200 non-fatal firearm injuries each day.

According to a study by the Department of Justice, between 19, federal, state, and local agencies conducted background checks on more than 180 million firearm applications and denied 2.82 million gun sales to prohibited purchasers. Both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the FBI collect data on firearm homicides — the former from medical examiners and the latter from local law enforcement. The CDC’s National Vital Statistics System records a higher percentage of all firearm deaths but fails to capture details about their circumstances, including the relationship of the perpetrator to the victim.

To date, the background check system has blocked over 3 million firearm sales to prohibited purchasers. Background Checks for Firearm Transfers, 2013-2014. This makes it unsuitable for measuring gun violence between people of certain relationships.


  1. Loveisrespect is the ultimate resource to empower youth to prevent and end dating abuse. It is a project of the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

  2. Violence is a significant problem in the United States. From infants to the elderly, it affects people in all stages of life. In 1992, CDC established the National.

  3. Please help us to improve our service by providing feedback on your experience using the crime statistics portal.

  4. Adolescents and adults are often unaware that teens experience dating violence

  5. Everytown is committed to using the most comprehensive, up-to-date sources of data to measure America’s unprecedented levels of gun violence.

  6. Statistics on rape and other sexual assaults are commonly available in industrialized countries, and are becoming more common throughout the world.

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