Srs dating hrt well

Which, as an aside, I wouldn’t get 6 months of it like I did (180 tubes).

First and foremost, I know many people have read the well known Suporn PDF and used it as their gold reference for a lot of information around SRS with Suporn.

But the main thing I have gained some experience with is sex.

Granted it’s only been with two partners, but still.

It’s nothing major or concerning, but it does happen.

Last week, for example, was pain back to where the left labia joins the skin towards the anus.


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  2. This week i discuss how my meeting went about surgery last week as well as my moms visit to Boston with me as Emily for the first time.

  3. Tag MTF Sex in a post-SRS life. Well. Dating is quickly losing my interest. to be honest it feel similar to orgasms before SRS post-HRT.

  4. I for one am dating a beautiful trans girl who I love very. and I'm lucky to pass very well even before hrt. finished transition and SRS and I hadn't.

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  6. Possible HRT- SRS dead end. Good for you doing the online dating thing. I as well think we should be up front about who we are and I also think it can.

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