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— that you spend a third of your life snoozing, you'll find it pays to find the best bed for you.

And with Helix, the process of shopping for your perfect fit just got a whole lot easier. You'll input basics like your height and weight, any potential pressure points (i.e.

However, a new mattress company called Purple is bringing something new to the table.

Their mattress is based off medical-grade comfort technology originally designed to eliminate painful bedsores in patients in wheelchairs.

The mattress features a pressure-releasing grid pattern on the top layer that’s made from a long-lasting elastic material.

It conforms to your body no matter your position and stays cool to the touch.

With your preferences in tow, Helix will craft a customized mattress using their unique contouring foam (that's cooler than memory foam) and microcoils, which give the mattress better airflow, pressure relief, and springiness.

Best of all, this puppy is delivered to your door for free, and comes with a 100-day trial period in which Helix will pick up the mattress and give you a complete refund if it's not to your liking. Trade in your traditional cotton or flannel bedding and invest in a set of linen sheets.

Finding the perfect pillow can be a lifelong mission.Originally conceived as a way to help kids with high anxiety relax and go to sleep easier, the pillow houses unique sound technology that emits music or lulling sounds only you can hear (i.e.you won't keep your girlfriend or wife awake all night).If you constantly struggle to sleep better, it doesn't necessarily mean you're doing something wrong—though these late-night habits could be to blame—just that you don't have the right tools for the job.If you want that luxurious you're-sleeping-in-a-classy-hotel-like experience for your very own bed, nab the Move-In Bundle from Brooklinen.If you've been resting your cranium on a flat-as-a-pancake pillow for about 20 years, you're well overdo for an upgrade. The memory foam cradles your head and neck, contouring to each minor (or major) shift in position.It features Bear's Double Ice Fabric covering and a mesh panel to give you that just-flipped coolness. It raised my head and neck to better align my spine, allowing the bed to support my lower back.Plus, it has a silky, smooth feel and is naturally anti-bacterial.I just made the transition from cotton to linen—with these super-luxe Belgian linen sheets from Crane & Canopy—and I’m sure not going back.You can also play a unique Spotify playlist that'll serenade you with lullabies till you nod off.Aura's night-light effect is smart and bright enough to read by.


  1. Sleep 10 superior sleep products for men Snoozing soundly through the night means you can train harder during the day. That's not always an easy feat.

  2. If you do have sleep apnea, many labs have patients that don’t want to wear CPAP The treatment for Sleep Apnea for whatever reason and return them to.

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