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English minister to Spain and a West Indies trader. In 1747, during King George's War, the village was attacked and burned by Natives. When the boundary between Massachusetts and New Hampshire was fixed in 1741, Upper Ashuelot became part of New Hampshire.

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Track conditions on the Ashuelot Branch were so poor at the time that the engine returned light to Brattleboro. Land was set off for the towns of Sullivan and Roxbury, although Keene would annex 154 acres (0.62 km Situated on an ancient lake bed surrounded by hills, the valley with fertile meadows was excellent for farming. Located at the center of Cheshire County, Keene was designated as the county seat in 1769.Route 12 leads northwest to Walpole and Charlestown and southeast to Winchendon, Massachusetts.Route 101 leads east to Peterborough and Manchester, Route 32 leads south to Swanzey, New Hampshire, and to Athol, Massachusetts, and Route 12A leads north to Surry and Alstead.The Manchester & Keene Branch was abandoned following the floods of 1936. The Boston & Maine abandoned the Cheshire Branch in 1972, leaving the Ashuelot Branch as Keene's only rail connection to the outside world.Beginning in 1945, Keene was a stopping point for the Boston & Maine's streamlined trainset known at that time as the Cheshire. Nelson Blount chose the city for the site of his Steamtown, U. In 1978 the B&M leased switching operations in Keene to the Green Mountain Railroad, which took over the entire Ashuelot Branch in 1982.Passenger decline and track conditions forced the Green Mountain to end service on the Ashuelot Branch in 1983 and return operating rights to the B&M.However, there were no longer enough customers to warrant service on the line. After the railroad was constructed to the town in 1848, numerous other industries were established. The Ashuelot River was later used to provided water power for sawmills, gristmills and tanneries.


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