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He made his way for the first time at the Seoul Collection walkway in 2005, which makes him the youngest male model to debut at the Seoul Fashion Week.Since then, he has established his modelling career.Shin Dong Wook continued “the first time I collapsed, when I woke up, my teeth were broken, I was covered in blood, and my arm was broken too.That’s the moment when I realized my bright acting career became covered in dark clouds.” The level of pain Shin Dong Wook felt is shocking.

While he was in the military hospital, Shin Dong Wook had needles stuck in his body from 9am to 5pm, and had to take up to 16 pills at a time.

I can't help but admire your acting skills and your beautiful smile and those red lips of yours. actually I'm too young to understand handsome man or love or something, but I think I'm falling in love with lee dong wook. and know after watching goblin Im falling in love again with both, lee dong Wook and gong yoo. I am glad they are in English sub title so I can enjoy.. hehehe..i just wanna wish him well..i was never a fan to any actors before but yesterday i made my me2day account just for him! it's my first time I really really love my idol, it comes to you.

After watching you in Goblin, I am now trying to cope up watching your other tv series -Hotel King, Scent of a Woman and Wild Romance and I know I have a lot more to catch on. So, i will only love him from the distance :) My Goblin. Anyway, hoping to see more of your great work oppa. Love lots~Kj BZ of PMSC the first time I watching Lee dong wook drama is my girl when I was in elementary school 10 years ago. after my girl end and I watching coffe prince and I'm falling in love with Gong Yoo too. I have become a huge fan and I hope to see many more Dramas and movies with him in the leading role.. and more to that, i browsed for more tv stories wild romance= 16hrs.just last I finished partners which again equivalent to how lee dong wook make me glued ineglued! oppa sarang hae take care of your self i cant wait for your next drama annyeong oppa , saranghaeyo..i'm your fans in Indonesia..i really love you sooooo muuuchhhh.are so handsome,i like your acting..i'm going crazy because you..

Onscreen chemistry: middling (great from him, okay from her – likely due to the acting ability disparity between them since Lee Byung Hun is just a much much better actor than Song Hye Kyo when they filmed All In).

Offscreen chemistry: sizzling Status: Kaput after 2 years.


  1. Continue reading "Shin Dong-wook hopes. can dramabeans find out any new news. Couple of days ago my sister and I recognized him on this old dating variety.

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