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Sex dating in vernon colorado

It was only because Ron Collins linked to his fitness business under his real name and tagged him with the name he uses on Facebook and Youtube that we could make the connection.Now we can act to hopefully inform the authorities, the media and as a result, shut him down or more.As I post this, reports to Facebook are being sent to have his account there shut down.But it is very concerning that he runs an actual school and has videos of a young girl to help advertise his stuff.I know of more than a few people that have spent time in jail for similar crimes. Places like elementary schools require years of education before you can become a teacher and they have systems in place to try to root out pedophiles among their number. Members of the martial arts community must help get the word out. But to stop him from being in a position to rob a young girl of her innocence, I need people to help spread the word.But people can lie about their credentials in martial arts and set themselves up as a teacher almost overnight with no one but themselves watching them. If there is a way you can help let people know, I beg you to do so.Yet this week I ran across another one, related to martial arts not surprisingly.

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Facebook has a rule that no one convicted of any sex crime can have an account.I have exposed him and his claims and he has tried to threaten my family, but always fled from direct confrontations.So from time to time I check in on his Facebook page, Shadow Warrior Publishing, to keep up on things a bit.Despite the ban on registered sex offenders being on Facebook, Van Zile has a lot of presence there. He has this set up just to promote “MMA Girl.” https:// Another page for his business. timeline_context_item_type=intro_card_work&timeline_context_item_source=100000318253876&pnref=lhc He seems to have set up this account to build up his athletic business and goes by the name Kiru Van Zile.https:// This seems to be a fake account set up to give good reviews and promote his business. hc_ref=ARQk5HOuwzsor Cx Eibvq7d Pvd S-LXgwda KEuye Fh X-JZw A7qo9Ya Iya_jynb PG-Ie Dw&hc_location=ufi And another fake account for the same purpose. id=100010300869484&hc_location=ufi And a third account that seems mainly to exist to promote his business while pretending to be a third party giving rave reviews. hc_ref=ARQLj V3FSn3Pm Gwiq Vyivb U3Hzs5sa_dwyr Odk SHbwrcgxz P1O_h Z3o YWh MM6p3yky0 In the martial arts, it is not unusual for frauds to get together and form an organization to appear more legitimate. What I do want is the word to get out so that the local police can look into him and all the interactions he has been having with children.The humor is in that Collins is very obese and has gone to great lengths to appear more fit than he is, including things like photoshopping his pictures.The idea of him saying that fitness was an important part of his system is good for a laugh among those familiar with him.(Text continues below.) Cutting and pasting the name into a search engine, he soon found him on a list of sex offenders.At that point, we knew that he ran a fitness program, nothing much else. From the FB account, it wasn’t hard to find his place of work, his dailymotion account and his youtube channel. A man who attempted what he did with a 13 year old girl and later went to jail for child pornography has an MMA school that caters to children and families.It was when I was bored and doing so that I saw the following post.(Text continues below.) I laughed, screen shot it and passed it along to friends for a laugh.


  1. According to our research of Colorado and other state lists there were 2 registered sex offenders living in Vernon as of February 12, 2018. The ratio of number of.

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