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But making the proposed Arab state all but proved impractical in the eyes of many Palestinians.

When the draft resolution was presented for voting, Arab newspapers ran a 'name and shame' list of the countries that voted for the UN partition plan, and Arab protesters took to the streets.

The historic struggle for Palestine is characterised as the claims and counter-claims of Arabs and Jews, but one factor that is often overlooked behind the Palestinian 'nakba' or 'catastrophe' of 1948, is the part played by an old imperial power, Britain.

This sweeping history starts back in 1799 with Napoleon's attempted advance into Palestine to check British expansion and his appeal to the Jews of the world to reclaim their land in league with France.This story starts in 1799, outside the walls of Acre in Ottoman-controlled Palestine, when an army under Napoleon Bonaparte besieged the city.It was all part of a campaign to defeat the Ottomans and establish a French presence in the region. In Acre today, the only memory of him is a statue atop a hill overlooking the city.In its report of July 1937, the Peel Commission recommended the partition of Palestine.Its report drew the frontiers of a Jewish state in one-third of Palestine, and an Arab state in the remaining two-thirds, to be merged with Transjordan.Following the partition resolution, Britain announced it would end its mandate in Palestine on .In early 1948, Jewish paramilitary forces began to seize more land in Palestine.The 65 years of the Israeli statehood, continue to cause conflict and controversy.The history is written by the victors, who are the rewriters of history as new information, new documents, and new historians, come to light.Israeli–Palestinian conflict, Israel, Palestine, Humanitarian crises, Middle East Every May 15, demonstrators mark the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians during the creation of Israel.In a lengthy story published Saturday on the website Babe.net, a woman described as a 23-year-old photographer from Brooklyn claims Ansari aggressively pushed her to perform sexual acts after she went back to his Tribeca apartment following dinner at a restaurant.


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  2. May 29, 2013. The narrative moves through the 19th century and into the 20th century with the British Mandate in Palestine and comes right up to date in the 21st. Count Bernadotte was no stranger to human disaster; with the Red Cross he had rescued over 30,000 prisoners of war from Nazi concentration camps.

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