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Colorado and Washington paved the way, and as more adult use legislation passes across the country, cannabis-friendly dating may not be as needed.

It is nice, however, to have a place where like-minds collide and the question shifts from “Do you smoke cannabis?

I’ve made several buddies and think there’s definitely dating potential through this app.

Since 28 of 50 US states and Washington DC have legalized the medical use of marijuana, the days of being publicly discreet about cannabis are coming to an end.

A user has three inboxes: Requests, Buddies (for people you’ve matched with so chatting is enabled), and Global (which allows you to search for buddies by entering a first name in the search bar).

High There is perfect for college students, and I’ve recommended it to friends in the cannabis business because the Joints feed is filled with people showing off their grow/products and having conversations about strains.

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No matter the location, most single adults are dating online through an app downloaded to their smartphone.Cannabis-friendly dating apps like 420 Singles, High There, and My 420Mate, weed out any second-guessing.It’s a pool for the like-minded; there is no “on the DL.” Of those three, the most user-friendly and straight up equivalent of Tinder is 420 Singles.However, just when you think people would take advantage of the freedom in their profile description, most guys write things like “Let’s party” and hold up a bag of flower with a grin, while others don’t write anything, instead uploading a photo of themselves at their laptop with a poster of Bob Marley in the background.I searched through for weeks and found the profiles to be somewhat boring, often just one bad photo of dank nugs or a smoking blunt.We talked about the bar scene more and I could tell he’s only a social smoker.He never suggested wanting to get high with me, although he did want to go out for drinks.age, sex, distance, hobbies), the one filter unavailable is “cannabis-friendly.” Users who want to make that known have to write it in their profile upfront unless they use a cannabis-specific dating app like 420 Singles, My 420Mate, or High There.To see what it takes to meet a man I can smoke with, I tried a handful of normal and cannabis-friendly apps.Its pitch is “High There connects cannabis users and enthusiasts with each other by sharing meaningful conversations and experiences without stigma.” This one is the most fun of all the cannabis-friendly dating apps.However, the design aesthetic is bad 90s use of cheesy artsy retro style, which is probably aimed at millennials.


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