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We cannot be focused on things of this world and be fitly framed in the Kingdom family. However he obviously understood what Jews should be doing. The modern Church is suffering because most lost people know what the Church should be doing and what we should not be doing.

No man or woman can be married and still dating others without loading his/her family with paralyzing burdens. And the lost know we are not following the principles of God.

Even families that seem evil have some guideline they go by. How will you improve your Kingdom vision in the days ahead?

The Muslim follows the Karan, the Buddhist family follows the teachings of Buddha, the Atheist follows a no religion guideline along with laws of the land.

Customize sermons that work for your church by downloading topical sermons and using creative worship backgrounds, video illustrations, and church countdowns to illustrate your sermon.

At Sermon, we make preparation for Sunday easier with preaching ideas and resources!

Looking back is ok, but looking back should never be to the end result being fixed in past accomplishment nor frozen in failure. He commissioned the Church to spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth until the end of the age.

We as believers serve the All Powerful God of Creation! Our purpose is not building buildings, not saving money, not spending money, not gaining political favor, not creating a fun hang out, or anything else that doesn’t spread the Gospel.

Watch as Pastor Joel Osteen, one of America's favorite preachers, reveals the power of the words "I am" during a Sunday sermon at Lakewood Church in Houston.Having only been here for one Rachel's final year of life on earth, I did not have the experience of seeing the example and witness in Rachel that so many of you have shared with me.Though I did not get to..Brian Fletcher In this guide you will find a sample outlines, homilies and helpful notes for performing a funeral service as well as a graveside service.Find out why Pastor Osteen says anything is possible if you have the faith to believe it. Even though Oprah grew up in the church, she says she's never heard, seen or experienced anyone like Bishop Jakes.-1- 10 Commandments 10th Commandment 1st Commandment -2- 2nd Commandment -3- 3rd Commandment -4- 4th Commandment -5- 5th Commandment -6- 6th Commandment -7- 7th Commandment -8- 8th Commandment -9- 9th Commandment -A- Addiction Advent America Ascension Ash Wednesday Authority of God's Word -B- Baby Dedication Back to Church Back to School Backsliding Baptism Beatitudes Bethlehem Bible Prophecy Birth of Christ Books of the Bible -C- Change Children Christ Alone Christmas Christmas Eve Church Growth Communion Community Counseling Courage Creation Crucifixion -D- Dating Discipleship Divorce -E- Easter Easter Sunrise Service Encouragement End Times Endurance Epiphany Evangelism -F- Faith Faith Alone Family Family Restoration Fasting Father's Day Fear Fellowship Finances/Money Forgiveness Freedom Fruit of the Spirit Funeral -G- Generosity Gentleness Gethsemane Giving God's Glory Alone God's Goodness God's Love God's Provision God's Will God's Word Alone God's Wrath Good Friday Good Samaritan Grace Grace Alone Graduation -H- Hall of Faith Halloween Harvest Healing Heaven Hell Holy Spirit Homilies Homosexuality Hope Humility -I- I Am the Resurrection and the Life Immanuel Independence Day -J- Jesus' Final Words John Joy -K- Kindness Kingdom of God -L- Labor Day Leadership Lent Love -M- Marriage Martin Luther King, Jr.Our sermon ideas for funerals will help you preach a powerful message on honoring and remembering life.In this new year Christians can and should be Kingdom focused and faithful to the Kingdom to which we belong. How does your activities fulfill Gods Kingdom purpose? If you are truly Kingdom minded toward Gods Kingdom doing things on purpose should become priority. Examination will filter the results of evaluation and give options for moving forward on purpose.On Purpose with Kingdom Purpose is how I want to live every day.But Bob was also a Christian and this sermon reflects on Bob's faith in the Master Builder and the salvation that that Master builder - Jesus - gave to his life..Jerry Watts James, the half-brother of our Lord Jesus, writes in , ''What is your life?It is but a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.'' Another writer has written these words: ''Only one life so soon it will..Johnny Hunt I. Galatians 3:9 ''Abraham, the man of faith.'' Faith was the theme of Abraham's life. 12 Abraham heard the call..Jim Perdue Song 1: It is Well With My Soul Opening Remarks and Prayer: Song 2: Oh That Will Be Glory Message: One of the greatest regrets I have as pastor of this church is that I've only been here 9 months.


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