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My world of fishing has improved and changed considerably because of ABU and it's Ambassadeurs.

hilst not technically badged as an original Ambassadeur, I will always see the Morrum family of reels as merely an extension of the old bloodlines. So important as an evolution of the Ambassadeur for me, I have granted it pride of place on the top right of every page of this site, along with the Admiral soon to appear floating bottom left and the 70's Ambassadeur of Sweden fixed top left.

Unlike a Penthouse which we all know are mainly bought for the literary articles, buy these (don't loan from a library or photocopy a friends) as coffee table books at least! These reels feature ball bearings, direct drive as well as high speed gearing.

I have even found my wife having a sneak peek and even commenting on the beautiful reels. 5000, 5000A, 5000B, 6000 and bigger Direct drive model The bigger salt water models 7000, 8600 (8500 in Europe), 9000 and 10 000 sizes Ball bearing models These smaller reels, some designated Ambassadeur like this model 1750 are delicate little gems to cast.

Where does one start to discuss variations in the Ambassadeur reels? There were numerous models, all annodised red, ranging from 1750, 1750 A, 2000, the narrow spool 2050, the ultra rare 2500 as well as the 2600 and the narrow spool 2650.

1965 First marketed just with case, service-tool and spare-parts vial, the Ambassadeur 5000 became a kit including a spare spool as well 1963 The Delux gold plated version was released in a teak case. it is complete with booklet, spare spool, tool spares and oil, authenication certificate, drawsting cloth bag and 24 kt gold Ambassaeur pin Not my rarest reel but still the prettiest!

Its cousin the ABU 4000 had red sideplates and was identical in every respect, except its market was USA.

These books are very definitely the Universe when it comes to matters ABU. By 1975, we see a much greater emphasis on the wider range of Ambassadeur models taking the reel to more demanding use for bigger salt water fish.It is so inexpensive for the joy it will bring you.To my mind, based upon fishing experience, any of the classic Ambassadeur family of reels is all one needs to be a totally satisfied fisherman.Push booton release was an innovative feature on the 1750 model.I have a prototype 1750 with internal electronics for casting control. This ABU 3000, sold in Europe, was designed with special "plastic" sideplates to make it more resistant to salt water. Note the small multi-reels of the Ambassadeur type and the light rods made of fiberglass. The Designer : Ake Murvall It is without doubt, Ake's fine engineering design for the Ambassadeur, that really put ABU on the world map, both initiating and consolidating its world-beating line-up fishing equipment in the USA."These sailfish and the wahoo hanging in the middle were caught on very light tackle.Not so if the Abulon Extra Top Hook Fishing line was used and most especially today with such an array of ultra fine and strong braids and gel spun lines available to choose from. I consider the book to be a work of art and even people who have had 50 years or more experience with ABU, can learn a lot from the authors research.I recommend that all with even a passing interest in ABU Ambassadeurs to seek out, purchase, read, treasure and never loan this book.For your review and records, I have attached a pic of an Ambassadeur 5000 I have in my collection with GREEN side plates.My good friend, Simon Shimomura, provided me with the lead to the person that owned the reel and we made a deal.


  1. I receive lots of questions regarding dating of ABU reels. It is. Reel, sourced from Ake. large fish like the powerful Salmon of.

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  4. Fred's Classic ABU Reel Information by. dating reels, reel cases. Holding the handle still you will notice the knurled knob rotating when the fish made his run.

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  6. At the time Mitchell introduced the first two versions of the Mitchell reel, serial numbers were not utilised. This is difficult to explain but speculation.

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