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Poor credit debt consolidating mortgages menopause and sex and internet dating

Many lenders will not agree to increase a mortgage loan to fund a holiday, car or business venture.

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Peter Gettins, of mortgage broker London and Country in Bath, Somerset, says: ‘Ask what rate your existing lender can offer but always shop around too.It is advisable to inform your home insurer and there may be income tax to pay.Let out your spare parking space – on your driveway or garage.Ishaan Malhi, founder of online mortgage broker Trussle, says borrowers should check there are no penalty fees.He adds: ‘If you are within an existing fixed or tracker rate mortgage deal there are likely to be early repayment charges if you are remortgaging and increasing your loan to release equity.Unlocking funds from your home is becoming increasingly popular for older homeowners.Alex Edmans, equity release specialist at Saga Money, says: ‘Many retired households are asset-rich but cash-poor.For older homeowners too, who have paid off their mortgage but seen a drop in household income, equity release plans can be an attractive option.Property values have ballooned by around 50 per cent in the past ten years and there is a combined £5.6trillion locked in private residential property. It is vital to ask the right questions and understand the risks.You could also let your garage or loft as storage space via a website such as Storemates.If you think your home may have silver screen appeal, or even the makings of a set for an advert, then there is significant cash to be made.


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