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Alaskan Inupiat (from real, so “real people”) live on the North Slope of Alaska and the Seward Peninsula.

Inuit also live in Greenland, where they are known as Kalaallit, and are citizens of Denmark. In Canada and Greenland the term “Eskimo” has fallen out of favor, is considered pejorative, and has been replaced by the term “Inuit.” However, while “Inuit” describes the Eskimo peoples in Canada and Greenland, that is not true in Alaska and Siberia.

Just as explorers and others have benefited from Inuit skills in the past, for example their kayaks and use of dog sleds, Inuit people continue to have much to contribute to the world wide human society.

The Inuit people live throughout most of the Canadian Arctic and subarctic: in the territory of Nunavut (“our land”); the northern third of Quebec, in an area called Nunavik (“place to live”); the coastal region of Labrador, in an area called Nunatsiavut (“Our Beautiful Land”); in various parts of the Northwest Territories, mainly on the coast of the Arctic Ocean and the Yukon territory.

The language of the Inupiat in Alaska is Iñupiaq (which is the singular form of Inupiat).

No universal replacement term for “Eskimo,” inclusive of all Inuit and Yupik peoples, is accepted across the geographical area which they inhabit.

Today, Inuit work in all sectors of the economy, including mining, oil, and gas, construction, government, and administrative services.

Tourism is a growing industry in the Inuit economy.

The Inuit mainly speak their traditional language, Inuktitut, but they also speak English, and French.

Inuktitut is mainly spoken in the Yukon, Northwest Territories, and in some parts of Greenland.


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