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Such, howevei', being the admitted meaning of the word, it must be written Glossocomia, and not Glosocomia as it is found in books. Nothing can be more unnatural than to mix up these fetid, soft-leaved, scandent, lurid plants with Wahlenbergia, which in all its habits more resembles the little Cape Lobelias. ascendens ; foliis erectis junceis, scapo stricto paniculate sequalibus, sepalis petalisque obovatis obtusis concavis, labelli lobis lateralibus nanis erectis intermedio reniformi emarginato, tuberculo ovato 7-dentato, columnse alis linearibus integerrimis incur vis.

Alphonse De Candolle in doing this transferred them to the genus Wahlenbergia, forming them into a section under the name of Megasanthes, adopted from George Don's general system of gardening. Don this name was formed by him from y Xwaao Kofxo Q a money bag, because of the resemblance of the flower to it ; a resemblance which we do not profess to recognize. This is a Mexican species, with very short stiff leaves, and smaller panicles, not above eighteen inches high. Of this there are several varieties, one of which has the back of the lip covered with crimson spots, and another has no spots at all.

It is a hardy perennial, well adapted for rockwork, and similar purposes ; for although its flowers are simple and un- attractive they are very sweet-scented, and the foliage is neat, while the general growth of the plant is close but graceful. When these are fully formed and die off, it ought to be removed to a dry shelf and kept there until the period of growth comes round, when it can be watered and treated as before. On the contrary the pollen-masses are eight in number, placed in fours in double pairs, and of the supposed hollowing out no trace is discover- able ; but they are as usual planoconvex, and are bound together by a powdery strap. Almost all who grow many of this tribe are now dividing those which require a hot temperature from others which grow best in a cooler place. Hartweg.) ; pseudobnlbis ovatis, foliis ensiformibus plicatis, racemo longissimo multifloro, bracteis lineari- lanceolatis acuniinatissimis squarrosis, labello lanceolate basi bisaccato.

lobelioides ; caulibus adscendentibus, foliis oppositis ovatis subserratis bre- viter petiolatis, racemis terminalibus nudis multifloris, floribus nutan- tibus, corollis campanulatis quinquepartitis sepalis acutis paulo longiori- bus, staminibus exsertis, capsulis spbsericis. Court of Directors of the East India Company, who presented seeds of it to the Horticultural Society. These faucial scales are unusually large in the subject of our plate, and in fact rival what occur in the curious genus Placea (t. After the flower fades the plant ought to be grown in a light situation and freely watered, in order that it may be able to perfect its leaves. Rogers, that no such structure as that represented by Bauer exists. I never saw this plant growing so well as when cultivated in a cool stove, and suspended from the rafters on a block [of wood. ■f Ju/ /y ^' jj'f /■"/f f ^^^'if- 38 ARUNDINA densa. %^ Bwj^ ,i/^ ^^fi:t:j Hqunj^ /6% '/JAxm Uli^ a*(^-^ f_ /^iii ^' J^ancuu^ i(j 44 BEGONIA crassicau Hs.

As little can it be permitted that the name Megasanthes, first propounded in a work of no Botanical authority, should take precedence, whether for sectional or generic purposes, of the much older name Glossocomia, applied about twenty years since to one of the species, afterwards merged in Codonopsis, and now sepa- rated again. represents a vertical section of the three-celled ovary, showing the nature of the placenta. Cebollcta ; but the linear wings of the column, the small erect lateral lobes of the lip, and the many-toothed tubercle distinguish it at once.

It is im- possible they can belong to the same genus. This is from Guatemala, and has much the habit of O.

Wallich's people in 1821, but which has been only recently introduced to our gardens by the Hon. For an acquaintance with this beautiful plant I am obliged to C. It is upon the authority of the learned Dean of Manches- ter that I refer it to the Amaryllis pratensis of Poppig, who says it occurs in the meadows of South Chile, near Antuco ; but I have nevertheless some doubts of the identity of the plants, for the species of Poppig is described with glaucous leaves and serrated faucial appendages, while in that before us the latter are entire and the former green. They are of the same nature as the coronet or cup of Narcissus, but whether or not they also represent the thick ring on the throat of Hippeastrum, and the cup of Pancratium may be doubted. o It seems to like a light loamy soil to grow in, and sends up the flower-stems and leaves early in spring. To my very great surprise, however, I find, upon examining the plant myself, which I have now for the first time been enabled to do by the communication of a fresh specimen from Mr. is two pairs in their true position ; 7* is a transverse section of the ovary. Scapus basi squamis 3-4 ventricosis adpressis vaginatus. P in the want of a spur to the lip, and in its column not being at all extended at the base into a foot. It flowers freely about the end of June, if planted in the ordinary garden soil, and strikes freely from cuttings of the half-ripened shoots. They will afterwards require shifting and plenty of water during the growing season ; after which they should be rested by gradually withholding the supply of water.

The plant in question is now laid before the readers of the Botanical Register, and its merits can scarcely be said to have been exaggerated ; for what can be more lovely than its deep azure flowers on so delicate and heath-like a foliage.


3 '/IU-J_(A/U)^kj,r LU ^ulr Uj f %,ii,.,j^,^ ih C) fo^-:'!

It grows well in a mixture of peat and vegetable mould, and would succeed well if planted out in the border of a conservatory.

The young plants ought to have their shoots carefully stopped, to enable them to send out numerous branches and form compact bushes.


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