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Online sex text chatting with hot girls

He knows that's the deal if he wants to be with me.is in Year 9 at an all-girls state school in Sussex.On a Friday night they go to the park and smoke cannabis or get smashed out of their heads on drink that someone older buys for them.

She says: A lot of my friends lie to their mums about what they get up to.

My friends will be bored of alcohol by the time they're old enough to drink it legally, but it'll be exciting to me.

I'm one of the few who won't smoke a joint, either.

Sometimes the next morning a friend will say: 'What did I do last night? You tripped over a fence and you kissed wotsisname,' but she won't remember any of it.

If I say I can't go out because my mum won't let me, they say: 'Just lie to her.' But I wouldn't feel safe if Mum didn't know where I was.


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