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Better educated women get married later in life, are more reluctant to have children due to their professional presence, and would rather have, at the most, two children. And the legal presence of sexual services provided by women is a more elaborate way of materializing them.Iranian online sex facilitators have specific terms and conditions, one of them being oral sex: many of these web pages or personal ads stress on oral sex being "unhygienic" and forbidden.Critics believe that this is a way for entering prostitution, despite the fact that it is allowed per Shi'ism and is considered halal.One of these weblogs -- which became active and attracted attention in September, has been removed from its virtual address as of October 24.In a phone interview, I asked Abtahi, who resides in Tehran, about this, to which he answered: In this city and many others throughout Iran, most young people date and have sex with their boyfriend or girlfriend, which is not in accordance with Islam and the country's law.But this method provides religious people with a means to satisfy their sexual needs in a religiously-accepted way, and facilitates their introduction and courtship if they wish to get married. But interacting when you are not in an Islamic relationship is a sin. This is a way for those who respect their Islamic beliefs to engage with the opposite sex in a manner that is proper.If penetration (for pre-menopausal women) and oral sex (in general) are out of the picture, one may wonder how men benefiting from these sexual encounters are sexually satisfied.

Most online facilitators of sexual encounters include a clause in the conditions, and that is: unless the woman is post-menopausal, there will be no penetration allowed in the sexual encounter.

If sigheh were not accessible, Iranian Shia men would do the same as Arab Sunni men do: have four wives at the same time.

What Abtahi refers to as a sign of women's rights being preserved is "Eddeh", an Islamic precaution taken in case the woman is pregnant at the time of separation or death of the husband, be it in a temporary marriage or a permanent one.

Ali Sajjadi, an Iran culture/history expert and Washington-based writer whom I interviewed on this topic, says: Iran's 1979 revolution was, in fact, a sexual revolution. The significant difference between these two events, however, lies in their enablers.

In 1978 and '79, many religious Iranian men, and even some Iranian women, supported the execution of the Islamic Revolution, in part seeking limited freedom for women. But this time around, women are standing their ground.


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  2. Iranian online sex facilitators have specific terms and conditions, one of them being oral sex many of these web pages or personal ads stress on oral sex being “unhygienic” and forbidden. These sexual encounters come with other specifics they should end within 50 minutes to free up the last ten minutes for dressing and.

  3. In cyberspaces such as chat rooms, in-depth interviews, and group discussions, to. Interestingly, the Islamic Republic's free ed-. tion in a country where sex education before marriage is highly restricted. Meeting, mating, and cheating online. Since hetero-sociality is heavily regu- lated in Iran, and an unmarried man.

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