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Nick wechsler revenge dating

As the down-to-earth Stowaway owner Jack Porter, Nick plays the most likable and arguably the hottest character on the show.Sure, we love Daniel Grayson’s bespoke suits, but there’s something about a guy in jeans and a plaid shirt that is just so effortlessly cool.

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Who knew life in the Hamptons could be so complicated? If I decide I want to be with you forever, then I’m okay with spending money on you and taking care of you, but until then, it’s not right that I pay for everything.

I don’t have any tattoos, but I want some eventually. If you could give your younger self a piece of advice, what would it be?

I do have scars, but none with any interesting stories. If I could impart this and have young me truly get it, I would say, “Chill out.

I stopped because I was auditioning so much that I realized I was going to have to pick one — school or dedicate myself full time to auditioning. It would nice to learn how to write, because I think that would more fulfilling to me. That was my first love and my favourite part of myself is my sense of humour. That is more romantic to me than someone making empty gestures in her purse.

I read that you got into acting because you wanted to be in comedy. What movie would you say you’ve watched the most amount of times in your life? What would be the biggest turn-on as far as women go? If you had to follow a band on tour, who would it be?


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