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Nexus error updating group repository metadata

You have two options to resolve this yum repo issue as described below.Once you have either disabled or changed the baseurl variable yum should run without issue.Error: Cannot retrieve repository metadata (repomd.xml) for repository: dag.

Note that virtual repositories can only include repositories of the same type.There are three types of Maven Metadata: One thing to pay attention to is that the timestamp for the artifact must be the same for all of it's described sub-artifact files for the build number.It should not be off by a second, or two, as this can break things.For full details on configuring local repositories, please refer remote repository serves as a caching proxy for a repository managed at a remote URL (which may itself be another Artifactory remote repository).Artifacts are stored and updated in remote repositories according to various configuration parameters that control the caching and proxying behavior.There was a shift to using Artifactory instead of nexus, a few additional repos are needed to be proxied: and when using nexus.PROXY REPOSITORY CONFIGURATION: You only need to add as a proxy repository with release policy at this stage.Repositories can be created, deleted, edited, ordered and aggregated.When creating any repository, you must specify its package type; this is a fundamental characteristic of the repository and can not be changed later.For a virtual repository, you can see the effective search and resolution order in the Included Repositories list view in the Basic settings tab.This is particularly helpful when nesting virtual repositories.


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