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The Military Commission convened at Henderson, Kentucky on June 10, 1863, heard testimony, and found him “guilty” of both charge and specification.On June 15 he was sentenced to be shot unto death, as such a time and place as the Commanding General may direct…The list goes on and on, some of the most respected writings throughout history document encounters with the children of the night.Stay tuned to the blog, as we closer examine these, and other historic writings that document the existence of the Vampire.f 10th Kentucky Cavalry (Partisan Rangers), with extensive documentation revealing a fantastic history.

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Leo Allatius (also known as Leone Allacci) seventeenth-century Greek vampirologist, was possibly the first modern author to write a book on vampires.

After completing his studies, he returned to Chios as the assistant to the Roman Catholic Bishop Marco Giustiniani.

He later moved back to Italy to study medicine and rhetoric, and worked for many years at the Vatican library.

George Woolfolk (Union County) is listed as a private in Captain Clay Merriwether’s Company H.

on one roster dating to August 1862 but is entirely absent from a slightly later roster from September.


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