Mythbusters dating

The accents are certainly sexy, but like any relationship, it’s one of the aspects that may tend to fizzle out after the honeymoon stage.

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Most were re-busted, with only a few being deemed plausible -- none were reversed from busted to confirmed.

Other times, viewers or the Myth Busters themselves dreamt up a better or more fun way to test something.

So far, there have been five "" episodes, with a total of 24 myths re-opened.

Stereotypes don’t fall out of the sky, in this case. Us Spanish guys knew how to salsa before we could kick a football. They have a more discreet way of showing their love. I’ve noticed that American boyfriends tend to be much more materialistic.

As American girls, we expect tangible things as tokens of appreciation. Your boyfriend buying you a bouquet of roses, or him buying you cheese, garlic, onions, and pasta so you two can cook a recipe together that he just learned.


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