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I wish there was more discussion on how schools might adequately address these problems without seeming like enforcers or prudes.I do find it ironic that college students, who pride themselves on open-mindedness and progressivism, are, on the social side of things, much less so than their slightly older peers or those who don't attend residential college.The obvious callouts are here, but the main message is that hookup perpetuates white, hetero, gender stereotypes for both men and women. I especially liked the early chapters that discussed the historical background leading up to the current situation.Anyone who says college students are entitled and bratty today should read these chapters!If I had, I might have a different opinion of how the author analyzed the information she got from various sources.

She has a knack for clearly explaining insights from sociological research to public audiences in ways that do not detract from the level of sophistication of the science. This book may be written to be read by anyone with an interest in the topic, but it's also a brilliant research project, carefully constructed to provide new information about a pressing social issue.Offering invaluable insights for parents, educator The hookup is now part of college life. As someone who mentors, teaches, and writes for young adults, many things in this exceptionally researched book came as no surprise, like how drinking alcohol and hooking up were often linked. My heart broke many times for these young men and women who force themselves to shut out all emotion to have "fun" or "meaningless hookups" or hookups in the hope that they'll actually find a meaningful relationship only to be crushed when they're completely ignored.Yet the drunken encounter we always hear about tells only a fraction of the story. But some things did surprise me, like how the research showed that this hookup culture is mostly embraced by white students. It broke my heart to read how some girls felt obligated to do things they didn't want to do. And the sexual assaults—we know this is an epidemic on college campuses. Yes, that type of hookup experience wasn't the case for everyone and there was enjoyment to be had, but it didn't seem to be so for the majority.The change to a partying culture as college students became richer and less focused on academia was also interesting.I wish the author had spent more time on the abstainers and discussed more about how they integrate into campus.The book is historically grounded, empirically rich, and completely engaging throughout.I'll use this book in courses I teach on sexualities, but I'll be ordering copies for friends and family, too.*3.5 stars*A serious academic looks at hookup culture in the round, terrifying anyone who wishes they could relive their undergrad days. There's an anthropological strain here, which dispassionately looks at the culture, its norms, and its understood rules, including an almost deep-play Geertzian explanation of grinding.I am a parent of a new college student and have lately been talking to many parents like me.It seems that loneliness and isolation is much more common among college students than when I was in school.Using new research, she maps out a punishing emotional landscape marked by unequal pleasures, competition for status, and sexual violence. What needs to be understood is the cause of students' unhappiness isn't because they're having more sexual relationships than other generations—they're not—but it's because of the culture! Quote from page 15: "On campuses across America, students are sounding an alarm.She discovers that the most privileged students tend to like hookup culture the most, and she considers its effects on racial and sexual minorities, students who “opt out,” and those who participate ambivalently. They are telling us that they are depressed, anxious, and overwhelmed.


  1. Her newest book, American Hookup The New Culture of Sex on Campus. Mobile Navigation. Log In. "American Hookup" - Lecture with Lisa Wade Lisa Wade, a.

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  3. American Hookup The New Culture of Sex on Campus 5 out of 5 based on. I stumbled across American Hookup while randomly searching the Web. NOOK Mobile Apps;

  4. A hookup culture is one that accepts and. Some North American surveys published in the mid-2000s have shown. The End of Sex How Hookup Culture is Leaving a.

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