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Thornton’s naturalistic portrayal works well to a point, but he throws away too many of his lines.

His Richard controls the action throughout the play, uttering "stop" to freeze events and either begin a soliloquy or simply admire his handiwork. What causes him to lose this power in the play’s final scenes isn’t made clear enough.

“We started as a group of actors who wanted to do readings of classic contemporary plays cast nontraditionally as a response to not being called in for those roles and not being able to see this on a regular basis.” Gavino and her friends started keeping a list of their dream plays.

But it wasn’t until she became a casting director at The Gift Theatre that those dreams began to manifest.

“Half the cast were celebrities from different theater companies, from big houses, that you’d never seen onstage together before.” But even as the work started to take shape, Gavino started to wonder whether one reading could be enough.

In the coming year, Gavino wants to extend the conversation to designers, critics and other voices in the community.

In the meantime, the Chicago Inclusion Project has presented work in collaboration with Writers Theatre and Time Line Theatre.

Tickets for GIFT GALA 2017: REVOLUTIONS are currently available at

The elegant evening will feature hors d'oeuvres, irresistible auction items and delectable desserts.


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