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When the Republic's Clone Army came, Hera looked up at their ships and decided to become a pilot, prompting her to leave her family and home to pursue what she loved.During her childhood, Hera grew up on tales of how the purrgil, large space-dwelling creatures, had inspired people to develop the hyperdrive.Following the failed assassination attempt on Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader, Hera traveled with the Karthakk Group aboard the YT-209 freighter Eclipse on a relief mission to deliver a supply of gattis-root extract to the Imperial–occupied world.Due to an Imperial crackdown, members of the underground Free Ryloth movement were unable to obtain gattis-root outside of Imperial medcenters.After clearing Imperial space control, Hera decided to disengage from the Imperial auto-pilot system once they had reached the right altitude and divert from their official route.In response, Governor Delian Mors dispatched a flight of V-wing starfighters to pursue the rogue freighter.Gattis-root extract was used to treat Bybbec fever among the Twi'lek.Despite her strained relationship with her father, Hera volunteer for the mission out of solidarity with her people.

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While there, she witnessed Vidian murdering the Neimoidian guild director Palfa for refusing to implement an age cap on workers.

Following the defeat of the Separatists, the Galactic Republic became the Galactic Empire which refused to leave Ryloth.

As a result, the Twi'lek Resistance led by her father Cham launched a resistance struggle against the Empire.

Despite evading the Imperial fighters, the Eclipse Hera landed the Eclipse in an abandoned commercial landing zone near the capital Lessu.

After unloading the supplies and making their repairs, Hera flew the freighter back into space.


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