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Judge alex kozinski dating game

Among the charges against Kozinski, 67, are that he asked his law clerks to watch pornography in his judge's chambers, and that he touched and spoke to some of them inappropriately.

The 9th Circuit had opened an inquiry into his alleged misconduct last Thursday and asked Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts to transfer it to a neutral court.

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“It wasn’t just clear that he was imagining me naked, he was trying to invite other people — my professional colleagues — to do so as well,” Murphy said.In 1968, he appeared on the popular TV show "The Dating Game" and planted what the online magazine recently called an "egregious kiss" on a contestant.He graduated from UCLA and its law school and went on to clerk for Kennedy at the 9th Circuit, then for Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger.The group had been discussing training regimens, and Murphy said she commented that the gym in the 9th Circuit courthouse was nice because other people were seldom there.Kozinski, according to Murphy and two others present at the time who spoke to The Post, said that if that were the case, she should work out naked.WASHINGTON — The sexual harassment scandal that has swept the nation spelled the end Monday for one of its most prominent federal judges.Alex Kozinski, who once served as the chief judge of the massive U. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, announced his immediate retirement following accusations by 15 women.He is also one of the most prolific Supreme Court "feeder" judges.More than 60 of his law clerks have gone on to clerk at the Supreme Court, half of them for Justice Anthony Kennedy of California.Earlier this year, he dissented when his court declined to reconsider a three-judge panel's ruling against President Trump's immigration travel ban.Kozinski said Trump's statements as a candidate in 2016 should not affect the case."Even if a politician’s past statements were utterly clear and consistent, using them to yield a specific constitutional violation would suggest an absurd result — namely, that the policies of an elected official can be forever held hostage by the unguarded declarations of a candidate," he wrote.


  1. Judge Alex Kozinski. Kozinski appeared on an episode of “The Dating Game” and won, an experience that he recounted for Law360 last year.

  2. A former clerk for Judge Alex Kozinski said the powerful and. he appeared on the television show “The Dating Game,” planting a kiss on a surprised young woman.

  3. A former clerk for Judge Alex Kozinski said the powerful and well-known jurist. he appeared on the television show The Dating Game.

  4. Meal of appeals. associated press judge alex kozinski of above. Wrote, “by alex kozinski on the dating game large passion dating site requiring subscribers to.

  5. Judge Alex Kozinski has retired from the U. S. appeals court in San. some even pointing to the 1968 appearance on the show the Dating Game as an example of.

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