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Dwarves are renowned for their love of drinking and fighting, but no one exemplifies these ideals better than the dwarven berserker.Whether they're frothing savages from the craglands, religiously fervent zealots of the god of war, or the legendary battleraging kuldjargh, dwarven berserkers are brave warriors capable of entering a frenzied rage through ritualistic singing and/or drinking.

They are known to have coined such phrases as "nothing evens a race like an axe to the knees" and "never turn down the ale, you never know if it will be your last." Most live short, glorious lives, and those who live long enough to gain fame and prestige amongst their comrades become immortalized in song -- and that's all most of them long for in exchange for their sacrifice for their people.

This allows you to change a previously known stance into one from the four permitted disciplines so that you may live up to your role more appropriately.

Berserker Frenzy (Ex): Once per encounter, up to a number of times per day equal to your class level, you can expend one of your readied maneuvers in order to fly into a berserker frenzy as a free action.

Despite their simple attitude towards battle, dwarven berserkers are a key element of dwarven warfare.

Their almost suicidal style allows more strategic fighters to plan and execute complex techniques on already worn-down enemies.


  1. I don't think anyone would want to use it with a standard action. If you're going for Imperious Command you're gonna combine it with something like Intimidating Rage, the Zhentarim Fighter sublevels or Fearsome armor and the Never Outnumbered skill trick for free/swift/move action intimidate as an AoE.

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