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I include in this judgment the program of ITI, which I helped to build up…” (source) In a speech at a Catholic men’s conference, Tom Monaghan said that “pharmacies wouldn\’t be allowed to stock condoms or birth control pills and that cable TV would show no pornography.” Chelsea Allan says in her testimonial, “When I go to the Ave Maria Fitness Center and start the treadmill equipped with a personal television, the station is already set to EWTN.” It is a community filled with life, literally: lots of children and with activities such as “rosary walks” in the evenings.

For Brown, these profound disabilities reveal how […] This month I attended a Pro-Life service at our church.

There was great music well-performed, readings, and reports from members of our parish’s Pro-Life Ministry.

Duffy has extremely high standards for individuals to meet before being ready to date after a divorce (or to date in the first place).

If everyone met them, no doubt the world would have many more happy marriages.


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