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DAVID WALLIAMS says he gets inundated with letters from suicidal fans.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge bravely opened up about his own battle with depression in his 2012 autobiography but admits he worries about becoming a “poster boy” for mental-health issues. It’s very hard when you get a letter from someone saying, ‘I’m thinking about killing myself’.

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“I always say, ‘Tell your family and your friends and seek help’.

The singer says the pressure after winning an Oscar for his 2015 Bond song Writing’s On The Wall and topping the charts around the globe left him fearing he was spiralling into a dark place.

After making his comeback with new single Too Good At Goodbyes this week, Sam revealed: “I really struggled in that three years.

But Brian is adamant the spotlight didn’t play a part in their divorce.

He said: “Everything happens for a reason and paves the way for what’s happening now. It all gets to the right place in the end.” Indeed, even Against All Odds.


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