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How do you spell accomodating

Even those who think they are excellent at spelling, can still take a look at some of the exercises.You might find out that there are still words you don't know how to write them correctly.As I identify and research each additional word, the Kelvin dictionary will become an increasingly valuable resource for all Australians.After having spell checked over 13 million web pages, Text has come across a number of frequently misspelled words.For decades I was confused with the dual spelling of words.

With your support I hope to continue my work and providing improved spelling tools for Australians. The dictionary makers started to document how people spelt which was a far easier option for them.

I have found it is not considered wrong in Australia to spell using the preferred spelling of a word, but it is often considered wrong to spell using a secondary spelling.

For example it is never considered wrong to use "colour", but "color" is considered wrong by many, if not most Australians.

As an example, the following are ten pairs of such words from thousands words I've identified. leucaemia, leukaemia whiskey, whisky daks, dacks transshipment, transhipment bonzer, bonza wagon, waggon organise, organize co-operate, cooperate ice cream, ice-cream sulphur, sulfur You may be surprised to learn that all of the words are considered to be correctly spelt in Australia.

Based on my observation and testing, most people, even quite educated people, will know the preferred Australian spelling of about five to eight of the words. Write down your choice and then check the word using Word Check or have some fun with the Preferred Spelling Test.


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