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Guidebook to dating your cousin bogdanna dating

Going back to earlier and earlier generations results in a smaller and smaller number of ancestors when compared to the ancestry charts of the offspring of “unrelated” couples.

This reduction in the number of ancestors is called pedigree collapse.

To be sure, all of us are related to each and every other person somewhere back in history. Some lists claim that 26 states allow cousin marriage. In Leviticus, Chapter 18 (KJV), God tells us that we are not to have sexual relations with a long list of relatives, but the word “cousin” is absent from the list.

The confusion apparently stems from the laws of North Carolina, where double cousin marriage is specifically prohibited, but marriages amongst “normal” cousins (those who are not double cousins) are allowed. Leviticus does deny marriage to “any close relative,” and scholars have long debated whether or not that includes cousins.

Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York, married his second cousin once removed, Regina Peruggi Samuel F. Morse, inventor of the Morse Code, took his first cousin once removed, Sarah Elizabeth Griswold, as his second wife.

Johann Sebastian Bach married his second cousin, Maria Barbara Bach.

A single individual occupies multiple places in the family tree when the parents of an ancestor are cousins (sometimes unbeknownst to themselves).

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Of course Albert Einstein is the Poster Boy for cousin marriage.

Anyone whose parents were cousins only has six great-grandparents instead of the normal eight.

One set of great-grandparents will show up twice in the ancestors chart.

John Adams married his third cousin, Abigail Smith. Fitzgerald, former mayor of Boston and grandfather of John F.

Kennedy, married his second cousin, Mary Josephine Hannon.


  1. Feb 14, 2014. In modern western society, marrying your cousin is not well accepted, particularly in the United States. second cousins in the mix, according to the Clinical Genetics Handbook, the increased risks with regards to having children are nearly non-existent in this case compared with non-cousin marriage.

  2. Aug 18, 2016. Family is first in almost all situations — immediate family, then extended family, including relatives so distant they are simply termed aunties, uncles, or cousins. The needs of the individual will almost never supersede those of the group. It's not good form to promote oneself or stand out too much. A matriarch.

  3. Apr 26, 2012. To be clear, what we mean when we say it's okay for cousins to marry is actually that it's okay for cousins to sleep together. There are no real "health risks" posed by a piece of paper. Really, this is about sexual intercourse.

  4. Apr 7, 2017. A woman seeks to know the risks of dating—and the risk of having offspring with—a relative.

  5. Oct 26, 2014. Some states have more “interesting” laws, such as Arizona first cousins may marry only if both are sixty-five years of age or older. A list of laws in each. Second cousins have little, if any, increased chance of having children with birth defects, according to the book “Clinical Genetics Handbook.” Source.

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