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However, it isn’t gifting that is the issue, but God’s order and calling. We cannot come to God’s word with a social agenda and make it fit our wants. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, the garden of Eden, and Adam and Eve.

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Since no one wants to put that sort of a demand on a woman (since it is cultural), then why should we also demand that they not be elders since it would logically follow that it was also a culturally based admonition? First, the objection ignore what the scriptures plainly teach about the elder being the husband of one wife.

Whether it be male or female, let the gospel be spoken.

However, I would say that as soon as there is/are males mature enough to handle eldership, that she should then establish the proper order of the church as revealed in scripture and thereby, show her submission to it.

The woman is not to have authority over the man in the church context.

But this does not extend to the political/economic world.


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