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To prove there were no errors in the prime discovery process, the prime was independently verified using both different programs and different hardware.Andreas Hoglund and David Stanfill each verified the prime using the CUDALucas software running on NVidia Titan GPUs.However, the search itself does have several practical benefits.Historically, searching for Mersenne primes has been used as a test for computer hardware.This should help reduce the error rate of completed tests as more users update to the latest version.Other improvements include fast, multi-threaded trial factoring for multi-core CPUs, plus AVX512 support for trial factoring.As Sys Admin for his charities, he runs Prime95 on all PCs and servers because GIMPS emails him if one doesn't check in, which is helpful for monitoring these remote computers from home or work.

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Finally, Serge Batalov ran Ernst Mayer's MLucas software on a 18-core server to verify the prime. Cooper is a professor at the University of Central Missouri. The primality proof took a month of computing on a PC with an Intel I7-4790 CPU. Cooper and the University of Central Missouri is the largest contributor of CPU time to the GIMPS project.— Nearly 9 years ago in June 2009, M(42643801) was discovered, and now GIMPS has finished verification testing on every smaller Mersenne number.With no smaller primes found, M(42643801) is officially the 46th Mersenne prime.A new benchmarking method will run periodic benchmarks of various FFT sizes to determine which settings work the best for your individual system.You can view the full list of changes in the version history file here.Could you be the next lucky volunteer to discover a brand new Mersenne Prime? Curtis Cooper, one of many thousands of GIMPS volunteers, used one of his university's computers to make the find.You'll need a reasonably modern PC and the free software on the download page. The prime number, also known as M74207281, is calculated by multiplying together 74,207,281 twos then subtracting one.It has 22,338,618 digits -- almost 5 million digits longer than the previous record prime number.While prime numbers are important for cryptography, this prime is too large to currently be of practical value.To be thorough, the prime number was independently verified with four different programs running on various hardware configurations.In recognition of the individual discoverer, the software authors, the GIMPS project leaders, and every GIMPS participant's contribution, credit for the new prime goes to "Jonathan Pace, George Woltman, Scott Kurowski, Aaron Blosser, et al.".


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