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This is worrying not just as a psychiatrist, but as someone who wants to know anything about other people at all. You can also get it from abusing certain drugs – marijuana, LSD, cocaine, and even prescription drugs like Adderall and Ritalin. Sure, if you abuse every single drug at once you’ll think the CIA is after you with their mind-lasers.

But if you just take a little more Adderall than you were supposed to, you’ll be 1% paranoid.

A typical example happened a couple of years ago, when Jessica and her family were spending the day at the beach.

Isabelle had been begging Jessica to go to Dairy Queen, and Jessica had been putting her off.

You’ll have a very mild tendency to interpret ambiguous social signals just a little bit more negatively than usual. ”) Williams Syndrome is much rarer – only about 1/10,000 people, and most of them die before reaching adulthood.

If a friend leaves without saying goodbye, and you would normally think “Oh, I guess she had a train to catch”, instead you think “Hm, I wonder what she meant by that”. It’s marked by a sort of anti-paranoia; Williams patients are incapable of distrusting anyone.

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Isabelle is not allowed to tell them that she loves them. And, you know, I’d rather her be overly safe than be on CNN.” Some of the research on these kids is fascinating – I’m not sure I believe the study finding that they’re incapable of racism, but the one finding a deficit detecting anger in faces seems pretty plausible. Threat-detection seems to be an automated process not totally susceptible to System II control. Intelligence can help a face-blind person come up with some systems to reduce the impact of their condition, but in the end it’s just not going to help that much.

This means that it is essentially biologically impossible for [them] to distrust.

As Isabelle got older, the negative side of her trusting nature began to play a larger role.

For every autistic person, there are a dozen who are just sort of nerdy. We naturally think of some people as more trusting than others, but maybe that isn’t the best frame.

“Trusting” implies that we all receive the same information, and just choose how much risk we’re willing to tolerate. A recent theme here has been the ways that our sense-data is underdetermined.


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