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Throughout my life though, it’s been a roller coaster with the most insane situations so trauma and drama and chaos are things I feel comfortable in, whether they are healthy or not.

Something is wrong though, with a grown man who knowingly takes advantage of a woman who just experienced the most traumatic incident of her life.

We stopped talking and spending time together immediately.

Uh, you were crazy I got a heart, but the artichoke Is the only thing girls want when you in that smoke And light [Hook] I wanted you to know That I am ready to go, heartbeat My heartbeat I wanted you to know Whenever you are around, can't speak I can't speak I wanted you to know That I am ready to go, heartbeat My heartbeat I wanted you to know Whenever you are around, can't speak I can't speak [Verse 3] So we're done? We used to hold hands like field trips I'm a jerk, but your dude is a real dick I read his post on your wall and I feel sick He ain't cool, he ball and all that But he just a fake nigga who blog in all caps You couldn't wait to date I'm going straight for your thighs like the cake you ate I give a fuck about the niggas that you say you ate You know that I’m the best when I’m a-fake-tionate I'm the best that you had, face it J and Keyshia are related: racist I give you money, then you burn me, then you made off She ain't a killer, but she'd fucking blow your head off I know he wondering, "What the fuck you hiding? My husband and I had opposite schedules so he was never involved in any of our activities.Also, no one really liked hanging out with him, including myself, because he was so awkward and negative and could bore the hell right out of you.He knew I was in a bad marriage and was nearly murdered by my husband.He knew acting on his physical desires would destroy friendships.My “best” guy friend and I texted all day, every day for months prior, whether it was private texts between the two of us or group texts with us and my best friend and her husband.Most everything was platonic before I told my husband I was ready to leave.It had been over a hundred years for them and myself! After 5 months of no sex with your husband, you’d think you might feel SOMETHING after a night like this, but, nope. Not being afraid of confrontation or initiating communication, I called him out on his strange behavior.I was basically told that he wanted to be friends and he did want to sleep with me but that was it.I texted him before, during and after the violent madness and after I left the hospital, I didn’t hear from him.I texted him hours later, after moving some of my belongings and my dogs out of the apartment I shared with my husband.


  1. Dec 27, 2008. Wow, Hancock's dance is the best thing ever Lol at Justin Timberlake.can't believe I loved this movie, hahaha. Ending is the only good thing in it.. Read more. Show less. Reply 2 3. Denoseyhan3 years ago. Holy fuck, I remember this scene like yesterday 'D I was watching this everyday, good old.

  2. Aug 29, 2017. We all know all guys are just looking to fuck on dating apps, but guys on other apps will at least give you the common decency of leading you on for a couple dates, introducing you to his friends so you let your guard down and let him smash, and then never calling you again. Who said chivalry is dead?

  3. May 4, 2017. I've never really been able to keep up with dating trends, but here's one that was practically made just for me “breezing” or, as I like to call it, “not giving a fuck.” At least, that's what it is on paper. In a world that always told us we had to play mind games to earn the attention we wanted, breezing is all about.

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