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Avoid complications by familiarising yourself with all the risk of anastomosis of the facial arteries, which are visualized specifically in a new technique., which stimulates the natural production of collagen, with the local anaesthetic lidocaine, to offer enhanced comfort to patients.Welcome to the Merz Institute of Advanced Aesthetics e-learning section.Below you will find all our high quality courses available.In addition, cellulite is differentiated from other anatomical structures such as laxity and anatomical junction points.Finally, the prevalence of cellulite along with current treatment options are examined.Wholesale Dealer in Accordance with Good Distribution Practice Te Tra Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical wholesale and distribution company in the United Kingdom, supplying, European and International branded pharmaceutical products.We offer a portfolio of over 150,000 branded products to the health care community, ranging from prescription/non-prescription medicines, We ensure that when you buy cosmetic injectables from our catalog - you remain covered by our products 100% satisfaction guarantee.Cellulite is nearly universal in adult women, however, it is often misunderstood.This course explores cellulite by examining its structure, causes and pathophysiology.A separate study assessing patient-reported outcomes showed that BOCOUTURE patients were significantly more satisfied with their appearance after treatment, most feeling younger and more attractive.This course has to be seen as an addition to the BOCOUTURE is proven to deliver effective and safe treatments based on a uniquely pure formulation that results in high patient satisfaction and added convenience for Health Care Professionals.


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