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It was stretchy when she did get a hold of it and since she did not want to hurt anything down here, she let it go and resumed feeling along the walls for a light-switch. She stripped for bed and looked at herself in the mirror, she wasnt model material, but she was kind of pretty in her own eyes. She sighed and cricketed her thighs together, feeling a warm glow form there in her loins.

In the dark, she felt more of the strange material, hanging or tacked up to the wall like art of some kind, once, a piece had come free and as she franticly tried to hang it back up on its nail in the dark, it had felt very strange against her arm, snakeskin like, like dancewear of some kind, but smoother and cooler feeling. She placed her hands on her breasts; cupping them and feeling the nipples crinkle as they became erect from her touch. Deciding to find out some more about this new idea that seemed exciting to her, she got up and crossed over to her computer and turned it on, school was over so she had nothing else to do besides her regular chores around the house tomorrow anyway.

Finally, as the story ended and the couple were joined in a last frantic rubber embrace, the man driving his penis in like a piston as the woman howled her love out for him as he filled her vagina (or pussy as the story graphically stated) with semen, Lyn couldnt suppress the cry that rose from her throat and gave out with a tiny shriek as she felt her own pussy flutter and she came, her hips banging down on the hard plastic chair, her hand and the seat getting sticky with her juice.

She sat back, breathing hard and licked her tart fluids from her fingertips, this was so hot!

On the bed were a set of black coated chains, some strange looking cuffs like the tough boys at school wore along with their leather jackets and an odd looking sleeping bag, thinner than normal and made of the same stuff that everything else in this room seemed to be made of, rubber. She ran her fingertips over the drape and wondered what went on down here. Baker waved and wandered upstairs with a smile and wave and she smiled back. The hellion hit the hay about eight and its been quiet ever since. Cannelloni was scrumptious, I brought you a piece if you want it, here you go. How about this Friday then, can you sit for us again then? Then found a site devoted to nothing but stories about what people did while wearing this kind of thing and started reading a few of these, they werent like the romance novels her mother read, that was for sure!

Even the sheets and pillows were made of the stuff and there was a thick ring around the bed that she figured might be to keep whomever was inside from rolling out. The Bakers seemed like such nice folks, were they in some weird sex cult or something? The older woman said pleasantly, handing her a Styrofoam container. B she said taking it after standing up, Bill would be down any moment to take her home. Kim asked, placing her purse on the living room table and kicking off her high-heels and walking around in her stocking feet as Lyn slid into her own shoes, getting ready to go home. These were filled with sex and strange adventures, men and women being tied up and made to orgasm powerfully through an art and skill she had never heard of before, men being dominated and woman having many, many orgasms even while playing at games that seemed rather mundane to her.

She tried the door in front of her and found that it was locked.

Frowning at her own duplicity, she took down the basement key and tried it. She replaced it on the hook and her hand shook slightly as she took down the one marked playroom, something about the idea of it nagged at her, she really shouldnt be here doing thisthe key turned in the lock with well oiled precision and unlocked with a quiet click. B handed her was more than she could have hoped for, slightly under a hundred bucks.

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Still, it was better paying than working at some fast food place and the kid was all right, if a little precocious.The scene burned itself into her mind; she noticed the smell of something was strong in this room, a scent she had noted before. Drawing back the curtain of heavy rubber, she felt her nostrils assaulted by even more of the thick, cloying smell of the stuff. She idly fingered her tiny bud of a clitoris through the material of her panties as she surfed around, shuddering with a strange illicit pleasure.The danger was making her feel funny, kind of fluttery in her belly and she could feel her nipples getting hard under her tee shirt and bra. I always do, whenever I can get Bill to spring for it. I made him give you two extra hours on top of that for your troubles. She found several places that she wanted to look at more later and book marked them.Worse, the Bakers could charge her with breaking and entering or something and sue her and there was no way that she wanted anything like that to happen, not when she was going off to college later that year. She grimaced; she knew she should not do thisshe turned the knob and the door swung back revealing a set of steps leading down into the dark.The door had always been locked before (she knew, she had tried it often in the early years) and now it was standing wide open before her astonished gaze.At last, in the center of the wall, she found the light switch and flicked it on. She ran her hand over a red foundation garment she had only seen in pictures of fifties womens underwear. Noa longline corset, that was it, because of all the garters running along the bottom of it. Thanks again, youre such a good babysitter, well surely miss you when you go off to college. Kim said, pecking her on the cheek as they shuffled towards the front door. She called up her search engine and typed in Rubber clothing and pressed enter.All around her was racks of shiny clothes in strange colors (the Semi-see through pee yellow things hanging in one rack and on several places on the wall freaked her out just at the sight of them) and styles. It was all one piece, from the shoulder straps, to the molded breast cups, all the rest of the way down to the rows of garter clips that would hold up stockings when they were worn with it. Somehow the idea appealed to her, she wondered how it might look on her, it seemed to be her size and since it was stretchy, it would fit no matter what anyway. B she responded as Bill came over, looking anxious to go take her home and get back. Reams of hits filled her screen, there were a whole host of people selling this type of thing it seemed and she clicked on a few and found a huge assortment of clothes were available, everything from dresses and shoes to underwear and bodysuits of all kinds, she blushed as she read about some of the features that some of these item came with, dildos, breast suckers and other kinds of strange devices.The Bakers were a nice couple, in their early thirties, Bill was a handsome guy and his wife Kim was always slipping her a few extra bucks to help her to get clothes and things when she was a little short.Lyn enjoyed working for them and they all got along fabulously. This is a work of fiction and should not be construed to be reality in any way, shape or form (although it could be) and if you should happen to be offended by anything herein, dont say I didnt warn you. This story is the intellectual property of the author and is considered to be copyrighted, it may be posted on free sites or other places where persons can read it for nothing, it should not be used anywhere else without the authors written permission. He had kept her busy all through the evening until finally, he had run out of steam and she had finally been able to lay him in his little bed and sneak away, closing the door behind her. Namely: Rubber fetishism, B&D, solo, mmmfff, mf, Fam, Ect, as well as other types of fetishes and should not be viewed by persons under the age of Eighteen or whatever may be the legal age of consent wherever you may live. She was tired, he was becoming a real handful now that he was done crawling and was walking, if she took her eyes off him for even a second, he was off and gone like the flash, that old comic book guy.


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