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It was great.") He offers me some unsolicited advice about sex and fingernail hygiene, and we awkwardly say goodbye. The beauty of being high on the internet is that every time your mind wants to change directions, you've got a railroad switch readily available, and with Puff Puff Chat set to text and tucked away somewhere in your browser, it's just one of many distractions available to you on your journey.

Feeling confident after my first real conversation, I fire up Puff Puff Chat again, and see a familiar, smiling face—giant V. Feel like warm vocal harmonies and fuzzy VHS recordings?

However, they are not health care providers and do not provide medical advice. By typing, you will have a live conversation with one of our Cancer Information Specialists.

Live Help is not a substitute for talking with a health care professional. They have knowledge of NCI information, publications, websites, as well as other science based information about cancer and cancer-related resources that can help you.

Puff Puff Chatters, like stoners at large, are an affable bunch.

(There's an apparent demographic unity, too: Everyone I talk to who offers up such information is a man aged 18 to 25 or so.) The site launched in May of this year, and has slowly picked up steam since then.

DISCLAIMER: This website is for medical marijuana patient use only.

By using this website, you are subsequently confirming that you are a medical marijuana patient using this website in a jurisdiction that allows consumption of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

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We talk, out loud this time, about his upcoming trip to Las Vegas, my recent visit to the dentist ("Oh, sounds like you I got really into that scene,") and a vacation he once took in New York ("I think I fell in love 32 times or something. If you opt for face-to-face, you'll probably run into the same few people over and over. California is right: talking face-to-face is high-pressure, and it requires a lot of attention.Live Help Information Specialists can answer your questions about cancer and provide help in navigating NCI Web sites.We can also tell you about clinical trials (research studies) and provide tailored clinical trial searches for those who are interested in participating in one. NCI's Live Help Information Specialists will only know what Web page you were on when you clicked the Live Help button, and whatever you tell them.Information sent over the Internet may not be secure. NCI supports all Internet browsers including, Internet Explorer (v9.0-11.0), Chrome (v40), Firefox (v36), and Safari (v8.0).If you attempt to use versions of web browsers other than those listed, you may experience technical problems with your chat session. NCI also supports the following mobile device browsers, Apple i Phone OS (v7.1, v8.1 and v8.2) /Safari, Android (v4.x to v 5.5)/Android web browser.Additionally, any indecent exposure or suspect behavior can and will be reported to the jurisdiction of the city, state, nation, city-state, etc. Connect with a National Cancer Institute Live Help information specialist. All states have quitlines with counselors who are trained specifically to help smokers quit.We both feel a heightened sense of camaraderie and openness, and the conversation flows effortlessly and into novel and unexpected territories.Puff Puff Chat was created to enable the people of the cannabis community to share these magical sessions with people from all around the world.They have no way of getting any other information about you.However, you should not provide any information that identifies you. NCI's Live Help Service is not a "chat room." In addition, your Live Help session is encrypted (similar to when you use a credit card on a Web page) for extra security.


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