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Fantasia and kanye west dating

Speaking of men, Swift didn't discuss boyfriend Calvin Harris specifically, but she did share what her mindset has been over the past year when it comes to guys."That was the way that I decided to go on with my life,” she explained of the new era of Swift.Taylor Swift's style-icon status officially is set in stone — or, at least, print.The singer graces the cover of the annual style issue of Vanity Fair, and in the accompanying story (excerpts of which have been released online), Swift opens up on everything from Kanye West to the importance of her girlfriend squad.When the lights came back up, he was sitting at an ivory white piano in the middle of the Garden, on another small stage.A chandelier hung overhead as Foxx, in character as Ray Charles, began singing "Georgia on My Mind." The platform on which the piano stood began rotating as he continued his spot-on impersonation.And as for his singing, Foxx's multiple Grammy nominations and multiplatinum plaque say it all. But Foxx proved that he could give the crowd its bang for a buck all by himself. See Foxx and Fantasia bring love, laughter and song right here.) Starting his set with Jay-Z's "Show Me What You Got," Foxx commanded the crowd to put its "hands up and wave ... For 45 minutes he snapped on everything from Britney Spears' public "exposure" and Paris Hilton looking out of it at a party he threw to Eddie Murphy's questionable wardrobe and O. He said all he heard in his head during the onscreen lip-lock was, "Jiggg-aaah!The actor/singer/comedian brought all his ammunition to Madison Square Garden on Monday night, breaking his Unpredictable show into two sets: One consisting of straight comedy and the other featuring singing, dancing and a brief resurrection of Ray Charles. " At the end of his comedy set, Foxx stepped offstage to change clothes while his DJ kept the music going.

After warming the crowd up with some slow jams, Foxx dove in headfirst with his biggest hit, "Unpredictable." "Regular ain't in my vocabulary," he sang.Melfi: As Foxx sang, his dancer started to strip, garnering an "Oh sh--" from the Oscar winner.After ballads "Get This Money," "DJ Play a Love Song" and "Love Changes," Foxx left the stage for another quick change of clothes and scenery.We were happy to learn Fantasia is happily boo’d up with a man not named Antwaun Cook, but now the jury is back out because it turns out Mr. Scott just unveiled some dirty little secrets about Fantasia’s new man Kendall Taylor, along with some good stuff too: At first glance he looks to be a real winner, he was honored as 2014’s Pride MBE of Distinction Winner at this year’s Lowe’s Pride Awards and belongs to several community groups including Men Who Care Global, a mentoring organization for young black men. From what we’ve gathered, he’s never actually done time behind bars — just probation and community service."Say ohhh," he sang, with the audience responding to his command."Say ahhh." After running back to the main stage, Foxx smoothed out his finale with the sexually driven "Storm (Forcass)." Although he didn't preview any new music at the show, the singer revealed during the Paris call that he is working on another album because he wants to stay hot.NEW YORK — Jamie Foxx is clearly a jack of all trades. He told the audience that they could be doing taxes, attending church or burying their mother at a funeral, but if by some chance they hear the Jim Jones hit, they are going to stop what they're doing and break into the dance associated with the song.His dramatic-acting skills earned him an Oscar and his comedy brings audiences to tears. We gonna kill that one." The "we" he was referring to may well have been opener Fantasia, who sanctified the venue with her deep-rooted soul singing. " Wearing blue jeans, a black T-shirt and a red jacket, Foxx stood in front of a giant screen that projected his autograph and opened with his stand-up routine. Foxx — who said on the Paris call that he "never really stepped away from the jokes" and now has "a chance to get onstage and really kill it" — indeed showed he's a premier funnyman. Foxx also riffed on how he couldn't really enjoy kissing Beyoncé in a scene from "Dreamgirls" because he had it in the back of his mind that she is Jay-Z's girl.A few days prior to the concert, Foxx checked in with MTV News via telephone from Paris, where we was attending a "Dreamgirls" premiere. A few minutes later, the big screen went up and revealed Foxx in singer mode on a smaller stage with a band, dancer and backup singers. I'm here to share it with you." Foxx then told his DJ to play the "n---a anthem," Jim Jones' "We Fly High," which recurred several times throughout the night.


  1. Taylor Swift Talks Kanye West, Dating Mistakes. Swift opens up on everything from Kanye West to the. Idol Winner Fantasia Barrino’s.

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